Healthy Options' Christmas Traditions

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Hey it's almost Christmas, and people have been looking for something they would be able to give their loved ones. I'm sure you always hear "It's the thought that counts" but what if I told you that you can let your care felt by giving them some products that would spell healthy on their plate? Would you think it's possible? Of course. That's where Healthy Options come in. You see, they're launching Christmas gift packages that includes different products that would include things for beauty, for snacking light, healthy drinks without the hassle of thinking and choosing. They call em Christmas Traditions and we've seen them first hand at the Healthy Options store in Glorietta 2.

Check out our small shopping adventure!

As you may have heard on the video, the Christmas Traditions packages are already available in Healthy Option branches. It's perfect for Executives, for families, for lovers and oh boy let's not forget those single friends too. They've designed things that are gluten free, those with vitamins (oh yes I know some people need it!), some that have alternative snacks on them like the veggie chips (which was so good by the way!) and the bubbly juice (yes they're not alcoholic!) they've got it all on these lovely baskets!

For those who would want to design their own packages, they have a certain amount of products you would need to actually get before they can do this for you. They can also deliver for FREE within Metro Manila but you need to make sure you reach that amount (I think it was 30K) before they can do it for you. Aside from that, you get to send your point across by giving this to your loved ones because you only want them to stay healthy. 


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