#NoFilter selfie with Vivo V5 Plus

Saturday, February 11, 2017

There are tons of people who always use the hashtag #NoFilter on their social media posts but look like plastic already because of the tons of filters they use just to look good. It's cringeworthy, but forgive them for they do not know what they are doing. Now it's actually possible, Vivo introduced the V5 Plus. Dubbed as the Perfect Selfie Phone, it boasts of a 20 MP front camera making it the most capable phone to take vividly sharp photos of this magnitude, a first in the world!

They got tips to make it even better and I'm sure you'll all get to relate. 

Natural Light - If you want more natural looking photos, make sure you have ample amount of NATURAL light. It's the best light source, from warm to cold, it's not too harsh and you could take lovely shots so easy it'll be like clockwork. Oh yes, they can also do it at night without that much noise on the output.

Fix Your Brows and Hair - You would look sad and messy if you don't. It's easy takes only a few minutes and remember, it's the details that count.

Pick A Nice Background - You want to be the center of attention, so don't shoot on places that look like a war stricken country if you can. Make sure it's not too busy, it'll distract people and you wouldn't want that to happen right?

Choose The Right Angle - Look fat in front and a a little thinner by turning to the side and choosing the right angle. By rule, it's on your 30-45' angle and it does wonders for those who are on the little plump side. It goes the same for the face too so make sure you make it a habit to play around in your room's mirror. Oh and if all else fails, wear black! It fools people.

Smile - It changes the mood of the shot, be it with teeth, or closed for a more mysterious smile. Or if you wanna do it angry, it'll take pounds off your face. Trust me on that. LOL

If you wanna know more about the VIVO V5 Plus Phone just go to VivoGlobal.PH or their page Facebook.com/VivoPhil. Follow them too @vivophil on IG and on Twitter.

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