Time for LOVE in Guam this 2017!

Thursday, February 09, 2017

Do you still need more reasons why you should go? Well here's 10 more!

It's a US Territory. There's 170,000 people out there and 30% are actually Pinoys.

Shop at Guam, it's only 3.5 hours away! Better than spending the same amount of time in EDSA.

It's a shoppers paradise, tons of brands, your girlfriend would want to do this eveb in one day! Like Amazing Race! Legit, none of those fake ones! Tax free!

Beauty and Beach, tons of shoreline, tons of water sports, expansive marine life!

History and Culture, they're also a melting pot and the nearby islands are real!

Golf. It's a mecca for the sport and you can do this as long as there is sun light! Pretty cool!

It's a MICE destination, do business trips like clockwork. It's easy and they have all the facilities.

Two worlds, World War 1 and World War 2 happened here so you'll see memorabilia plus real sunken ships in one place.

Run. There's an event every week, you can't escape it!

Shop Guam App. Yes they put it in one place with special deals just for you.

2017 is the year of love. Romance, dates, proposals? How about getting married? Well it's all here! #LoveGuam

Just go to Visitguam.com or check out their boot at the PTAA event this weekend in SMX Convention Center. They'll have performers ready. They have 3 airlines servicing the island, sometimes on sale. Last year they have been concentrating on getting you to experience things like the locals but this year it's about LOVE, love for shopping, love for play, love for diving, love for the beach and it's the ideal destination for the family. 

(Photo by Cristelle Torres)

You can apply for a GUAM only visa or US Visa today and get treats while you're there. It's time to fall in love again with GUAM!

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