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Saturday, February 04, 2017

This 2017 is a really good year to travel. After all, Roosters have wings! With airline ticket promos, really good hotel deals and great tour packages, one cannot resist but go to places they've never been in. You dream of taking that trip, but have so little time to spend in logistics and have an itinerary that works, one that is real and current. People take a ton of time checking websites, comparing prices and putting destination unknown on that passport because you're in an unfamiliar territory. You sit and wonder, why are you doing DIY and looking at years worth of reviews just to make sure what you are doing is right. 

That also takes a lot of time and with reasons of work, family and life happening, do you think you would still have time to rack your head thinking about all the details for a trip to a country you've never been in? Now that's both crazy and scary. Haven't you heard of World Juanderer? They're a travel consulting company built on a promise of giving you excellent travel experiences.Their people are made up of well experienced travelers who understand what you need to have a great traveling experience. Arranging your airline tickets, securing your personal documents, making reservations to the finest hotels and booking your ideal vacation spot would be a cinch because they will be doing it for you. All you got to do is sit back, relax, enjoy the sights and sounds of the destination you call a dream. Doesn't that sound nice?

Now to reiterate, why go through all that headache when you can let professionals do the job. They even got us a few suggestions prepared for your bucket-list and see this as MUST TRY experiences the Year of the Rooster. If you're planning to travel and see countries that might not yet be in your personal list, these places they suggest might just do the trick!

The Blue Grotto in Capri, Italy - Magical as they can be, there are places in the world where you can experience seeing these beautiful caves. It's only one of a few islands that you can visit in the country that looks like a boot, and it's nearby areas. You'll love Italy not just for it's food, but the seascapes and islands all over the region. (Photo credits:

Easter Island in Chile - It's one of the most mysterious things that man has built. We even saw some documentaries say that these were built with the help of aliens. Although we thing this is absolutely amazing and you can take wonderful travel selfies around Chile with the moai statues. It's on Easter Island and all carved out of volcanic rock by the Rapanui people. You should see it in person and solve the mystery yourself! (Photo credits:

The Giraffe Manor in Nairobi, Kenya - Imagine having lunch and be in the midst of lovely gentle creatures like the Giraffe. Now we're sure you'll love the immersive experience which this brings, up close, very personal. (Photo credits:

The ICE HOTEL - Oh yes there is such a thing! You can check in at the ICE HOTEL’s art suites in
Sweden. Each of the rooms are individually hand carved by noted ice sculptors all of whom are commissioned from around the world.(Photo credits:

Italy’s Lake Como - The view looks so good from the Bellagio. If you want to disconnect, take your mind off the daily grind and stay at the famous Pearl of Lake Como. Tons of love will definitely come your way, so bring your wife, your special someone and take all of it! (Photo credits: 

Lavender Fields at Le Château du Bois in France - Imagine your room sorrounded by a lavish garden of sweet smelling lavender, at your scenic private Chateau while it blooms day noon and night. Yes this is true, no it's not a dream so get hooked by World Juanderer (Photo credits:

Diving at Maldives -  Oh yes this is possible. It's one of the world's most gorgeous islands and to get there needs transfers and boat rides. It'll be easy with World Juanderer and diving to see the marine life is heavenly! You can also enjoy visits to the underwater Coral Garden and the Big Head Reefs in Maldives. You can also take an equatorial cruise and dine at your boat after catching fish yourself! Imagine the possibilities! (Photo credits: World Juanderer)
Now all that looks good for show but I know you want results. What if World Wanderer could take you places? What if THEY can get you to some of the BEST European destinations in 15 days. Yes, you're reading that right!  So right about now, imagine yourself taking a leisurely stroll at Champs-Élysées or the real Piazza De Venezia. It's a package that can take you to 8 countries like Italy, Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium and France (wouldn't you want to see Miss Universe too?). If you're interested, the trip includes your Airfare, Full board Meals, Accommodation for 15 days whose rate starts at $ 3,500 (which is roughly around Php 173,000++ which I find quite cheap in that span of time in Europe). Oh and don't forget to bring shopping money!

(Photo credits:
(Photo credits:

Now we know there are thousands who want a taste of Korea. Off the course of KPOP, KDrama and K anything, this other package is for Korean Tradition. You will get to experience the colors of this country including a visit to Jeju island. You're going to get world class entertainment, tons of play time for guys and gals including the vast beaches, mountains and different bodies of water. The list goes on. World Juanderer can get you that experience complete with airfare, full board meals and lodging for 4 days for only $ 810. Well there's more!

(Photo credits:
Taiwan’s Secrets - This is a foodie's haven. If you haven't been to Taipei's streets yet, you're missing a lot. If you are the type that gets tired looking at cityscapes, you can take a trip on the countryside which World Juanderer can take you. Get to know people, eat on the streets and make this your own personal oriental playground. Follow your heart's adventure for only $974 which includes Airfare, Full board Meals, Accommodation for 5 days.

(Photo credits:

Oh Osaka! - It's one of the busiest cities in Japan that's quite unique because it's got a mix of modern and traditional. Take a look at the skyscrapers, temples, Kabuki performances and museums and one of the most efficient public transport systems in the world! You can do this starting at $ 2,373 (roughly around Php 120K) and World Juanderer's services at your fingertips.

Like having your own butler service!

These are professionals and they've been able to take their clientele to places they want to be in. Dreams realized, memories made and the opportunity to see places that can match heaven on earth, that's priceless! If you want your budget to fit into your trip, they've got tons of options. The world is waiting to be explored and all you got to do is ask them to fix it for you. Take it easy in your office, in your work and they'll do wonders. You can just relax and have them arrange everything for you. You may visit them at or email them at or call +63-2-3287999 to know more of their packages and travel merchandise they have on hand. They've helped a lot of people already, and if you've wanted that vacation you've been putting on the shelf for years now... maybe it's time you let them handle it for you.

It shouldn't be that hard.


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