Tim Hortons Now In The Philippines!

Friday, February 24, 2017

It looks like the Canadian's are here! Tim Hortons Canada's well loved and biggest coffee and baked goods chain just opened shop at the Ground Floor of Uptown Mall in BGC. The brand has existed for 50 years and they promise to bring the same good Double Double Coffee and signature doughnuts to the Philippines as this is their first franchise in the Southeast Asian Region.

The opening was graced by the DOT Secretary, Miss Universe Canada Siera Bearchell, and Canadian Embassy officials this morning.

The interiors are modern, farmed wood, could probably sit around 60 people. It's a busy district with nearby offices so expect it to be packed the whole day. They have ample wifi, so be nice and ask the barista for codes.

They are popular for Coffee, and as they say in Northern America they don't say I need Coffee anymore. They usually say "Let's go to Tim's! Let's go to Timmies!", understandably so.

Oh yeah, and the donuts are divine. You'll love the glazed ones, and the frosted ones too!

Other baked products like the cookies and muffins are also best sellers, so do get some before it runs out!

And never, ever, ever, ever go home without the TIMBITS which are delightful small donuts made fresh everyday.

A great cozy environment for coffee lovers and doughnut people alike. I guess they'll also be opening a few more branches here and around Asia soon so if you're too far right now, expect them in your neighborhood pretty soon!

Oh and if you want more, order the eclair because that's my fave! Trust me on that!

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