Unionbank Declared Best Company To Work For in Asia

Wednesday, February 01, 2017

I've been banking with Union Bank for quite a while now. It's been around 13 years if I'm not mistaken and it's been very smooth, very affordable too since most of my online transactions happen with this bank. They were just recognized as THE BEST COMPANY TO WORK FOR in ASIA and had us celebrate with them this evening. (Yes I'm live blogging!).

I like the different booths they have here, pretty much describing their plans for the year. They will also launch a couple of technologies including kiosks that they'll be using with their services, I find that very interesting since they are just in the planning stages. Aside from that, their employees are somewhat involved in charity work. They call this UNIONBANK GOBEYOND and they've helped a lot of people with their GOBEYOND Communities program launched in 2014. Now this isn't funded by the bank, as it is a volunteer program organized and driven by their employees with key programs that want to act on the Environment, Education, Employment & Livelihood, and Inclusion. Isn't that nice? Thanks to the awesome lady who explained things to me earlier, she was really passionately telling me about their cause. They also help kids, their communities too. Their employees also decide on who to help so that is somehow groundbreakingly unique. I guess it's nice to know that banks and their management are not just cold hearted people behind the counter. Apparently in this case, they really care.

Aside from that, they've got a new tie up with GetGo which is a new credit card that actually earns points each time you use it. Pretty nice for those flying regulary on Cebu Pacific flights and shop a lot. It'll be a good thing to have while purchasing gifts and airline tickets especially when they're on sale. The perks are just hard to resist, so you know what to do! 

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