The NEW KFC Extra Crispy Chicken

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

I've always loved KFC! I used to have this as lunch almost everyday in high school since we had a branch right beside Trinity in QC. I had the original recipe those days because I was trying to figure out HOW IT WAS MADE so I could replicate it at home, so let's just say I kinda failed miserably. These days I wouldn't be caught going here without my favorite HOT AND CRISPY Chicken because it's got two things that I loved, the crispy skin and breading plus of course the intense heat that comes with the "seasoned Chicken thigh" which I always had when ordering a meal. The problem is, I couldn't share a bucket at home because I'm the only one who could stand the spicyness of the HOT AND CRISPY variant; and got my Mom, Dad and everybody else take out the good parts of the chicken, and I end up eating them all! (So it's a good problem!)

Lo and behold the other day on Facebook, I got to watch a touching video of a guy falling in love with a girl all over again... it was an ad about the NEW KFC EXTRA CRISPY CHICKEN. Which means that if you're not much a fan of the spice level of their HOT and CRISPY variant, you can enjoy the same crispy batter on this new chicken option! Now that just means one thing, Mom, Dad and everybody else at home can now eat this chicken the same way I do without worrying how HOT it is, and that's just AWESOME!

What's even better is that this KFC EXTRA CRISPY CHICKEN 1 PC Meal only costs Php 99.00 together with rice, a regular drink, a creamy junior mushroom soup and KFC's signature gravy (you can get a plate and have it all LOL). You can also have a whole bucket of these for Php 620 and is available for delivery via 887-8888 or online at It's what I got for people at home and they all loved it, now how can you not have that for lunch or dinner? Tell me!

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