10 Reasons Why You Should Watch Sarah Geronimo and John Lloyd Cruz's Finally Found Someone

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

OPPO Philippines gave us a treat by having us watch the premier of Finally Found Someone, Star Cinema and Viva Films' latest project. The film stars Princess of Pop Sarah Geronimo and everybody's dream boy John Lloyd Cruz and it's been three years since their last pairing. I watched the movie earlier and I felt the need to list down reasons why you should watch it. I promise not to put spoilers, as much as I can.

1. Sarah Geronimo is a comedienne. It's not the dialogue at all, she does quite well in funny SLAPSTICK comedy.

2. John Lloyd Cruz is FRESH. I don't know what he did in the previous movies, but he looks a whole lot younger in this film. He lost a lot of eyebags, maybe got a lot sleep? Or maybe got thinner, those eyes which ladies love made him look younger. He stiill has those magic puppy dog eyes.

3. John Lloyd Cruz is CUTE x 10. You know that moment when you see John Lloyd so adorable? Multiply that into ten sequences because this is like a museum, he will be shown in different angles, different scenes in different days and show his best asset. It was a series of shots where I heard ladies helplessly shrieking because they find JLC so cute, those dancing pikachus won't be even a match.

4. The film also harnesses SOCIAL MEDIA. It can make or break you, and if you are not careful you would end up like her. Or him, so always know the TRUTH will set you free.

5. The TRUTH we speak of is painful, but you would go through it for the one you love. That takes a lot of COURAGE.

6. CAKE is SWEET. It starts with a cookie, then a business, then the icing on the cake. Do you know where that would lead them? A kiss? Maybe, maybe.

7. You are not ALONE. Even if you don't have family, you have FRIENDS you can count on. You'll be amazed what they would do for you if you just learn to ask for help.

8. The feeling of being IN LOVE can make you pee in your pants, ask Sarah Geronimo why.

9. The movie has a lot of realizations. One of them is to FIX YOURSELF FIRST before you LOVE somebody else. Get an OPPO F3 Special Sarah Geronimo Edition and make yourself pretty. Effortless selfies, group shots plus Sarah's signature on every unit. It's a POPSTER's DREAM COME TRUE!

10. Everyone deserves a SECOND CHANCE. :)

I hope this is enough to convince you to watch this Sarah Geronimo and John Lloyd Cruz movie. If you want to know why I said these things, run to 200+ cinemas nationwide so you could catch this movie. You should never miss this if you liked their previous films. Again, thank you so much to OPPO Philippines for having us in this sure blockbuster event. They sponsored the tickets and popcorn but this list is mine, so go watch it! :) 

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