Charo Santos and My Diamond

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

A dazzling affair with great company happened at the Manila House Private Club as jewelry brand My Diamond announced their newest endorser Ms. Charo Santos. JP Paglinawan their Marketing Manager says "My Diamond has been a success because of people who want the finest, affordable and authentic jewelry in the Philippines. Whether it's your first one or something you would use for weddings, it has been part of the Filipino way of showing affection, make them feel special and that's exactly what we want to convey in every piece of My Diamond jewelry. This is also why we chose an apt ambassador to showcase it's timeless appeal. She's brilliant and successful, she's Ms. Charo Santos. Expensive is relative, it doesn't cost as much as your mobile phones but if you are giving it to someone special how can you keep a price tag on that right?"

Ms. Charo says "A pair of fabulous earrings, rings or necklace is something empowering. Women should be kind to one's self, to make yourself feel good sometimes; and owning one is a good thing. It exhudes elegance and I remember buying one for my Mom a few years ago. We should shine at every stage. We can also make it an heirloom, pass it down to my daughter, in laws or someone special."

She also shared "Take a break, no matter how busy you are you must use simpe lines, look at the context of the event you are going to. Diamond Studs would be fine the whole day. My advice, believe in yourself, work hard and pursue your dreams. Owning jewelry is not just a luxury, it's an investment. I also wish men would love diamonds more, to appreciate it's value because it looks good on them too."

Ms. Charo will be endorsing the brand as a whole with Liza Soberano. If you would like to know more, visit and their branches nationwide!


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