Robbie's Deli In A Hurry Opens at SM Clark Pampanga

Monday, July 17, 2017

I'm sure you've all seen a vendo machine. It's actually culturally significant in Japan and has been a part of their way of life. We too have seen it's convenience while it dished out coffee or different kinds of drinks in Manila during the past few years and tons of things have sprouted in the Philippines, but this one is special. You see, owner Robert Lo saw the need for easy, convenient, fast food but didn't want the trouble of setting up a restaurant. The ordinary employees in this area especially those who work in the BPO industry only had limited time for lunch breaks. I worked in this industry and most often than not, it's either 30 minutes or 1 Hour a day that they spend for this. Restaurants usually take about 15-20 minutes to prepare food, add to that the time to order, some delays in between, so it is a GREAT idea to stop that system and just have food that is hot, fresh, every time.  

It all spawned from his company trips in Europe where he saw how it was efficient for people to just get everything from Vendo machines and even gone great lengths to bring the technology here. He also tried to source it from Japan but found it needed to cater to the needs of the Filipino market. They were able to get a customized version of it from Korea and they got several machines shipped to the country and make Robbie's Deli In A Hurry's Food Wall what it is today. 

Mr. Robert Lo adds "We've spent around 5-6 Million pesos to make this happen in the Philippines and we plan to open up three more in a few months. This area can accommodate around 60 people, but it will serve hundreds of people 24:7 and cater to BPO people for the lunch boxes, on the go and gourmet line. 

We want to promote Philippine cuisine and we did a little western for Robbie's Deli In A Hurry. It's fast but we don't compromise on the food we serve, choosing the best ingredients and healthy too. I did this for Rob because he supplied me with the best meats. We have 24 dishes, everyday is different and we rotate the menu during breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We also have designed machines with cards instead of tokens. We have holding time for each product and every 2 hours and it's always at 65 degrees centigrade. Prep time is around 10 minutes and it's going to be taken out on the dot if we need to. We will also serve sandwiches, small meals, lunch boxes, and the gourmet dishes too. We will have things for kids too on the menu plus pica pica too. We have in the plans to put drinks later on once we get the equipment delivered. We are also conscious about the environment so all our utensils and boxes are food grade. We are proud to present the first food from the wall, we are better than fast food!"

To let you know a bit more about Robbie's Deli In A Hurry, here's a video of my Pampanga trip. Enjoy!

They are planning to expand this business in locations around the country so it could service more people that need a quick meal that is hot fresh off the kitchen. Mind you they do replace the food after a certain period, as they keep it hot while it's on the shelf (controlled temperature) and discard it so all you see there is always safe to consume every time. 

Robbie's Deli in a Hurry is located at SM City Clark in Pampanga. Like their Facebook page here: for more information about their shop.

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