Ka Tunying's Cafe Now A Part of The Bistro Group

Sunday, July 30, 2017

I live in this neighborhood enough to know when a place actually pops up and get enough traction to be tried by my friends and family. I also frequent this part of the city because most TV stations are near here. These coffee shops become my place to work and I don't tell people about it because I would usually want the place to my own. No matter how selfish that sounds, I find these places cozy and conducive for work, sometimes even get the creative juices flowing while I do my favorite thing in the world, blogging and people watching. This one is going to be an exception though because I feel I should tell you about it, have you heard of Ka Tunying's Cafe?

This place is owned by Anthony Taverna and his wife Roselle, same man who hosts shows in DZMM, ABSCBN and who is quite a prolific journalist. For those who don't know, his family owns a very prominent neighborhood bakery in his home province of Nueva Ecija and this place wreaks of that as they serve awesome native made sausages from that region, perfect for Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch or Dinner. His restaurant actually isn't named after him, but his Dad (Anontio Sr.) and it's that same provincial charm set in a cozy ambiance that he wants to deliver. With this good premise, I'm sure Quezon City is the perfect place to start off. People have been raving about his "Batutay" which has got the perfect blend of Garlic and spices, fried golden, all in natural casing served with Garlic fried rice if you're not naughty. They have other best sellers like the Arroz Ala Tunying, Cabanatuan Longsilog (which that Batutay I mentioned is included) and is available in recado and hamonado variants too. If you're craving for something good on rainy days, you can try the Tsamporado with Tuyo Flakes, Creamy Baked Bangus, Tinapa Carbonara, Ka-Love-Asa Lasagna, Pancit Ni Nanay Benny (who's recipe came from Ka Tunying's Mom), Kamote Cheesebread, Kalabasa Ensaymada and my current addiction Ka Tunying's Blend Coffee. All rice meals can also be upgraded with Unlimited Rice as an option for only Php 35 bucks. 

Just recently, they partnered with one of the biggest group of restaurants in the country "The Bistro Group". These are the same people who owns, manages and have grown restaurants such as TGIFridays, Itallianis, Denny's among others. Anthony and Roselle felt confident about his move as they are gearing to grow their brands. They have been eagerly updating their menu as well to introduce new appetizers, mains and desserts that would be apt for their stores in Timog Avenue (right in front of GMA) and NAIA 3 branches which they hope will be experienced and savored by more Filipinos soon. Jean Paul Manuud COO of the Bistro Group sees this as their great contribution of serving innovative Filipino comfort food and the same world class service they offer in their restaurants. 

If you want to know more about their offerings, check out www.facebook.com/katunyingscafe and their channels on the page. As of recent posts, they are also offering Bruce Tawillis, Tinapang Lumangoy sa Monggo and Labo Labong Chop Suey to name a few so if you're looking for comfort food, this might be a good time to visit them. I'm writing this now at their coffee shop so say hi if you see me haha!

Call them at 3661342 if you have small events or meetings as they can get a room arranged for that. Trust me on the Batutay.

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