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Wednesday, July 05, 2017

I haven't been to Boracay island for such a long time and I've missed it so much. To feel the sand on my feet, snorkling and roughing it out with the huge waves, the tons of things to do in the island, so I told myself it's time to go back and give myself a break. The place is still gorgeous after all these years and apparently those green algae stuff I didn't want to see on the shore was gone (as it is rainy season). The next thing to do was arranging plane tickets, the inter island rides, and of course the place to stay.

Now I've been to different properties in Boracay but this time it's special. Since I was with a group, I knew we needed bigger rooms and perhaps a kitchen to cook. I'm glad to find refuge at a well known hotel chain from the north who consequently just opened their Boracay branch. I was expecting their rooms to be a bit smaller but no, albeit having almost the same layout I find their rooms here a bit larger. Yes ladies and gentlemen, the same Azalea Hotel I stayed in at Baguio also had Azalea Hotel and Residences Boracay. I was at awe!

Situated at the island's STATION 2 area, Azalea Hotel and Residences Boracay provides a really good jump off point for all your planned island activities. This station is known for everything that's happening, from clubbing, to al fresco dining, tons of shopping, souvenir areas and huge events during peak season. I prefer staying at this area if my idea of fun is partying and the convenience of city life while at the bosom of the island's White Beach - also a place known to have one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world!

Now don't fret if you are totally clueless about what things you could do in Boracay because Azalea does a stress free itinerary so you can just check in, enjoy the comfy amenities, and let them plan all your beach and island activities for you. You just need to show up at the agreed time and hang on while they arrange the must try activities for you (which we did that whole stay as we didn't have plans at all) of which I'm really grateful for. Their very accommodating staff (good looking too) just had us hang around the lounge as we waited for them to execute our activities. Here's a video blog of our journey there:

While I was there, we had a small tour of the. property arranged by friends from Azalea Boracay. Our room was gorgeous! It's built precisely for groups of 4 or more and can accommodate large families, groups, especially if you are extra clingy and don't want to get separated. You get to spend more time with family and friends in the process as it's conducive for family bonding. Let's check out one of the rooms.

De Luxe Twin Room

 If you're more of like 2 adults and 2 kids, this would fit you perfectly. I guess the twin beds would suffice a pair, then ask them to put in bedding for kids later on. The room has a REAL WORKING KITCHEN and is equipped with the essentials so you can buy off things in the nearby market and cook it here yourselves. Or you can always just order at Kuya J's Restaurant at the ground floor and have it delivered to your room. There are tons of food options nearby, you need not fret if you want to have something good to eat while you're on vacation.

Pots and pans, plus a rice cooker, no Asian rice bowl would be left unfilled.

Looks like you can have your breakfast, lunch and dinner right beside your bed. Imagine the morning coffee sessions you'll have in this room everyday that you're in Boracay.

Unpack, put your laptop on the side, work for some hours and go back to the sea. You can literally walk to the beach from here.

The beds are soft, but firm enough to hold you and hug you at night.
Two Bedroom Apartment

I stayed in one of these rooms. It could well fit about 6 people but we were like 3 peeps while we were there. Paul stayed in one room with the comfort room, I stayed on the other one, and Rain occupied the sofa bed in the entertainment area which you can convert in the evening.

Girls, Azalea Boracay had cute hosts, so if you're a group of girls or what not, they'll take care of you. But please take it easy haha.

Table for 4-6, plus again a working kitchen. you can cook for parties or order off the phone. I like how easy it is for people to do this, there's fresh fish and seafood right around the corner. Though you could always have buffet at nearby restaurants if you want to.
This was the bed where Rain slept, he still found it comfy despite it being a sofa bed. If you're the type who works at the wee hours of the morning, I suggest you sleep here.

This is Paul's room which has got an attached comfort room. Nice space, very comfy, and you can doze off or open up those curtains in the morning.

This one is mine. The comfort room is next door and is very accessible. We didn't have to fight over who takes a shower first. I take long ones and we still got to our activities on time.

The clean lines, standard finishing, all look spotless in our room. They can clean when you ask them too and they also have scheduled turn down ceremonies everyday.

They have a One Bedroom version of this so if you're not in a group, they still can accommodate you without any worries.
One Bedroom Apartment

This one sits at the same floor as ours but is a One Bedroom version of it. You get the same comfy bed, still a working kitchen, plus a small space for entertaining.

All rooms by the way comes with goodies on the fridge, including dried mangoes which are delish!

We cooked and cleaned our plates LOL.

But you always have the option to order from Kuya J's Restaurant which is just downstairs. A menu is handy at the entertainment area so if you're hungry anytime of the day, just call em and they'll deliver.
Three Bedroom Apartment

I guess it's time for the Piece de Resistance? This Three Bedroom Apartment Suite can fit a whole city (about 8 adults at least). You've got three rooms, plus the sofa bed to convert as additional sleeping space. Nope, they don't really hold back on space because if they've got it, they're willing to give more. I've had a similar room in Azalea Baguio but this is definitely bigger in square footage, and you feel that it's spacious. It's like I'm condo dwelling,

I cook, I eat, so can the whole family.

This is the first room.

This is the second room.

This is the third room.

And it's got a connected comfort room too.

The bath robes, laundry bags, even an iron and ironing board for business travelers.

No one will be left eating alone, you can fit in this table for sure!

Then we went down for more fun that evening. All planned and executed by the people of Azalea Boracay.

If you're a travel junkie, you should definitely sign up for Azalea Vacation club so you could stay in any of their properties the whole year! They're building more properties in different islands across the country.
Now I'm not going to leave the island without going around. As I mentioned earlier, Azalea Hotel and Residences Boracay has arranged tons of activities for us including island hopping, swimming, snorkling and even an ATV ride! They also got us inside different restaurants, dinner on the shore, plus KTV fun the next day. If you would like to book a room or two, visit or various hotel booking sites as they're listed everywhere! Here's a glimpse of what we did during our stay, you'll surely enjoy this!

Going to Boracay has never been so easy. Now all you need to do is book a room in Azalea Boracay and let them do the tour booking for you. Vacations should definitely be easy and you shouldn't stress over small things, Azalea Boracay takes care of their guests because they rightfully call themselves Your Holiday Haven. True enough, we had that an more!

Thank you so much to the nice people of Azalea Hotels and Residences Boracay for having us. I had so much fun I'm still peeling from the hours I spent on the beach, and I loved every moment I've been there. I couldn't thank you enough for making three wonderful days this good.


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