Garrett Bolden and Mirriam Manalo Launch Singles

Friday, August 23, 2019

Sat down over coffee and got us interviews with GMA Music's Garrett Bolden and Mirriam Manalo. They're out with new singles called "Handa Na Maghintay" and "Una Ka" under the same label. They looked ecstatic from where we were seated.

Garrette says "I am so excited for you to hear Handa Nang Maghintay. It's about being a martyr, for those who want to wait for that perfect time to love somone. There is a performance video, it's already on YouTube. Meeting my real Dad, I waited for that. I didn't know how to do it but it did come, when we had communication, it felt it was something I wanted but it did come. I hope it would be more albums, songs, hopefully concerts and international exposure too. I am not expecting this at all, and I realize it is a hard path. I have always wanted to have a duet with Qwest and South Border or Julie Anne San Jose. I am still learning the ropes on how to compose and I hope I can do songs with other Clash artists as well. I have done gigs and set aside money so I could go to auditions outside the country. I did it with my own funds, hopefully I could do festivals and do the country proud. I still look at them now and the availability. I have tried Miss Saigon as well, but fear when it was just too big for me but I would still like to experience it because some artists do tell me it fits my voice. I have experienced TV acting and I enjoyed it and I hope this is just a start of opportunities to come. Maybe I could sing something for Descendants of the Sun, perhaps insert songs like this into that series. Hopefully soon. I wish to advise The Clash season 2 finalists to just be patient, take risks, and never doubt yourself. If you take a big step it will be a huge thing for people who will listen to you. Take the step."

Mirriam Manalo says "This is my dream, my first single, it's high tech and I have waited for this since I was 12. I hope this becomes a part of a teleserye. My first child reacts quite nicely, my voice was gone when I gave birth and I couldn't belt anymore. I accepted it and the baby was a nice trade for the voice, a bit hard but this is my happiest time. Very fulfilling, I love being a Mom. I have consulted doctors, they told me this happens. I was thinking more of what will happen to my daughter when I was singing and she was still in my womb. I want to do a collab with Ms. Regine, with Garrette, I got stressed but when I see my daughter, I feel it's all worth it. My song is about dreaming, you get inspired with the person you love, more inspirational than pop. I sing to her and sometimes listen to Jazz, it gets us to sleep. I look up to a lot of jazz artists, they inspire me to sing. When I was 8 nobody believed I could sing, I joined contests and did it on my own in karaoke. I was 11 when I joined contests, my folks thought I was so confident on stage and started doing gigs when I was in my teens. I fell in love when I heard the song, I knew it was my song and knew this is it. This is perfect for me, I felt the song chose me. I still wish to be the next Lani Misalucha and how she soulfully do songs. I didn't change my goals, I still wanted to sing in a cruise ship, to write songs and perform it. When I got to The Clash, I still I felt it was out of my league but this is all happening, becoming a recording artist is surreal. I hope I get to build my own home, my business and bring up my kids a better future. I am training get my groove back but you know there are a lot of songs I could still sing, hopefully I would recover soon."

She also told us it was so hard to record this unlike before where it would have just taken minutes. But really, when we heard her it was just like before. She's really good. Now go download their music on Spotify and other digital stores worldwide because they deserve this huge break!

They're really good.


GMA's New Femme Group XOXO

There were several teasers that came out in the GMA Artist Center instagram account about XOXO, blurred photos with women behind them which denotes something big is about to happen. We just met with them today at Trinoma and apparently, XOXO is an all female group composed of Riel, Dani, Lyra and Mel. What’s common is that they all came from the recent reality singing competition “The Clash” on GMA where they completely got their roster of singers filled after some left for other stables.

They currently have a great career individually and guesting on Studio 7 every week, why did they have to get together as XOXO? They probably want something different on the table, because they are packaging them on their differences as Riel will be The Diva, Dani will be “Fierce and Sexy”, Lyra will be “The Tough Girl” and Mel will be “The Sweet Girl”.

They will be releasing a single soon on GMA this August 24 on Studio 7 of course! This rebranding looks so good, I could almost see how they’ll be performing in other countries too. That’s gonna happen I’m sure. Follow them all now on @xoxo_gma and their individual accounts @xoxo_gma_riel, @xoxo_gma_mel, @xoxo_gma_lyra, @xoxo_gma_dani on all social channels. Hugs and kisses!


Sue and RK for Cuddle Weather

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Another festival “Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino” is going to have some naughty entries courtesy of Project 8 Corner San Joaquin productions and Regal Films. Sue Ramirez and RK Bagatsing will play two lovestruck strangers caught in hustle and bustle red light district of Makati. She is a hustler, he was a previous plumber who had to learn the ropes on how to be to be a gigolo and yes he learned from the best. It’s been rainy, cuddle weather is in season, now even if it’s becoming a fun active thing now, they’ve become closer, close enough that it may actually spark a relationship.

Interesting to be in this scenario, are they capable of going into a real long lasting relationship? Or is that going to be a nono especially in an industry like this?

Sue says “I have accepted this when they pitched it because it was a timely topic. It’s not about workers, it’s about regular people. I was laughing reading the script, it’s a step to do roles that I’m afraid of and this is it. Surprisingly it was easy to do sexy scenes, we were put on the spot during the photoshoot and we didn’t feel malice at all, I mean it’s already 2019 and people shouldn’t put too much of a big deal about it. I don’t sexualize my own body, we all have differences and we should open our minds more, not to be overly insensitive. What we want, or what they want, we all have to respect each other’s preferences. Before we started, we did immersion, we had to talk to real people who work in the same industry. We saw their heart, it’s why Adela is like that. Our workshops involved how far we could push our maturity. When we arrived on set, we didn’t have any qualms anymore. We shouldn’t judge people quickly, we can change, if you want it you will have to do it yourself.”

RK adds “The last movie was in 2015, I focused in TV series and didn’t make one for a while, when it was offered they told me about the premise but I was so game even if there were some conflicts in schedules. In the even of photos and videos plus social media, we know there is a lot of material out there. If we have preferences, we have to respect that. I got to talk to an escort and his story is just unbelievable, we had to relate to them as they are very human. I hope people get to know the characters, it has more elements, it is a romantic comedy too.”

Now make sure you watch Cuddle Weather as it hits cinemas this September. If you want to see how Sue and RK become a funny, sexy version of themselves, maybe this is a relief from the usual romcom. Get to know Adela Johnson and Ram, they might be your best bet to learn the ropes of falling in love.


The Mina Anud Celebrity Screening

We watched the movie Mina Anud the other day and was surprised how the story was totally different from the usual instagrammable scenic movie it looked like in the posters. It had a rich story. Dark comedy? Yeah, you can say that because it just meshes the realities of poverty, crimes, corruption, extortion, and just about the inane casualties of families, friends and themselves. You will get to see how capable Dennis Trillo is as a prime actor, not too shabby with the body exposures because that’s a given, but in this you’ll see how he struggles with shocking events with his wife, daughter, because they had to resort to some illegal activities just to get by.

Oh and the celebrity screening made it all special, I loved how their friends and family all supported the project.

Mina Anud is still screening on hundreds of theaters nationwide. You’ll love Dennis, the kid and Jerald Napoles in this movie. There, I said it.


Promate Promos at Villman Computers Cyber Gadget Sale

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Villman Computers has probably sold tons of units of computers since its inception, I wouldn't be surprised if they did because they have really good deals and have always been so factual putting the specifications on it when they do sell stuff online and on their stores.

Starting this Sunday, they're having a Cyber Gadget Sale and of course, Promate is throwing in a few surprises for those who choose to purchase items from the brand. Are you serious? Yes they are.

Dice games, straight swap prizes, maybe this is the time you should spend a few hours this coming Sunday til the 30th of this month in SM North Edsa's Annex Building because aside from the good deals you can get with Villman Computers, you can get more free stuff from Promate too. 

Don't tell me I didn't tell you ah! 


Promate Extends Warranty and Becomes Available Online

I have been using my Promate Powerbank for a while now, and while my other huge ones have already met their untimely end of life saga, this one is still fighting and has really huge juice which lasts me 3-4 days of power needed for my coverages. Just heard from the grapevine that the company is even extending their warranty for up to two years which is good for naysayers and wouldn't believe its quality. They are now also selling on their main website and in Lazada. So make sure you are getting the genuine one so you stay protected and safe.

They do worldwide shipping and does it free for orders 1000 and above, if you are planning to put some interesting things on your friends socks this Christmas,maybe a Promate would do eh? Aside from the powerbanks, they've got a ton of other gadgets and accessories in store. You now can shop for it right in the comforts of your own home. Splendid idea!


Arnell Ignacio for “Arnelli In Da Haus”

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Arnell Ignacio has been a staple on afternoon shows, comedy stints as he’s one of the most entertaining guys in this country. He’s bringing to the table a little more than laughs as he gets to invite you into his new home called “Arnelli In Da Haus!”, a one of a kind magazine show that talks about government service. Aside from the usual human interest interviews, he’s going to also do moderation between government offices and regular joes in his segment “Imbyerdegador” and also give guides to government services with “Step Brother” and “PaPromo” which will delve into new government services. They will also include government success stories via “Happy 2 Serb”, also “Like Mo Siya” to feature awesome government employees and his editorial commentary via “Dear Mamser” where he’ll be giving more personal takes on government matters.

Arnell says “We have made this to inform people, so they would know how they would be helped by the government. Unfortunately Government people are not made for the camera but they are very nervous. People assume they can do it, they are not superhumans who can explain things so we are taking the time to do that and be understood in layman’s terms. It’s non political, our goal is to solve things, to be with the people in immediate need for help, to provide help so they could get the service they need by understanding the procedures, to lessen unnecessary stuff that lengthen time doing it. I love my job in the government, it is mixed, it is too hard to swim in the beurocracy and ill fated processes in the government. Let us ask the right questions, we want to address these because we think it’s just a misunderstanding sometimes. The solutions of the government are too sophisticated in a simple problem of an ordinary person, it’s a huge difference. I am very passionate about these things, I will talk about it quite lengthy.”

His fun and witty ways to talk about very serious matters in government service might prove to be a good formula to split the gap between private companies, people and government service. “Arnelli In The Haus” will show on IBC 13 starting this Thursday August 22 at 8:30PM.


RomCom and More with Melizza Jimenez

Monday, August 19, 2019

Having good looks can only take you so far in the showbiz industry. It takes a lot of work, skill and talent to be able to get to where the biggest stars actually are. We got a chance to talk to Melizza Jimenez who’s a budding actress and is part of the current Star Magic Batch 2019. She’s very confident, and proudly says she can sing, act and dance. She’s been in several shows already prior to landing a spot in Star Magic and is currently doing much of her work in music.

Yes, she’s also a composer and has made much of her work concentrated on the type of songs millennials would appreciate. We heard her single and it was reminiscent of an Electo/Pop genre, a little dark too but danceable. If you closed your eyes and listened to it, you would liken it to Billy Eilish or artists of that nature. She’s very bubbly, albeit considers herself as an introvert especially when she was younger. She also quips her sister Maika Rivera of GirlTrends probably got the showbiz bug earlier because she was more outgoing than her.

She’s also appeared in several movies like Barcelona as the younger sister of Kathryn. She’s also in MMK, Wansapanataym and hit show Ang Probinsyano. She aspires to do more romcom projects as she is fond of making audiences feel a little romance, and swears she could do loveteams if it was required. Melizzza takes everything with a grain of salt and is glad she’s going headway in her career. She’s ready for more challenges, to see what is ahead of her. Here’s our interview with her over lunch the other week.

Congratulations Melizza! I hope you get your biggest breaks now that you are a part of the Star Magic Family!


Sarah Lahbati for Cetaphil

Sunday, August 18, 2019

I kinda have a mixed skin type which means I have pretty oily stuff on my T zone and some dry parts on extremities like my feet and hands. I am no stranger to the care and relief that Cetaphil gives and I use it right after a shower when skin becomes dry and wrinkly, so I don’t look like a prune when I go out and cover events. 

Cetaphil has always been so gentle on skin and leaves none of those unpleasant fragrances other brands have. Cleansers, body soaps, creams, lotions and moisturizers, you think that’s enough for skin care, but no, they continued to research even more to come out with another product that would solve my very own problem, with the newest Cetaphil Ultra Gentle Body Wash that’s Fragrance Free! 

Celebrity Mom Sarah Lahbati shared her fondness with Cetaphil and says “I have always used Cetaphil and it is an integral part of my skin care routine. You can all have the best makeup but good skin is essential, it takes a few minutes to put on lotions, and an additional Cetaphil Gentle Body Wash when taking a bath means you’ll get better skin care scores, which will benefit you in the long run. In the morning, you have to cleanse, moisturize, put sunblock on. Then at night you must do everything sans sunblock. I have very sensitive skin, I get breakouts if something isn't good on my skin. Cetaphil does that.” 

Cetaphil rep says "We'd like to give Filipinos better lives with Cetaphil. Not neglecting skin health is important, this is a mission to address your problems and take care of it in the long run."

So for those who would want to maintain their type of skin, improve it, cleanse, moisturize and protect, make your choice Cetaphil. If it works on me, it will work on you! LOL 

No really. :) There will be more of this in other malls, I heard they'll be having a sale in Mall of Asia too. Cetaphil and discounts never sounded better.