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Saturday, August 24, 2019

I have been resting my hair for more or less a year now and it wasn’t easy. I always am fond of color but I had to tone it down as my Dad passed, felt it was a sacrifice of sorts and I pretty much have had my hair abused for several years because I know it would only take a few years before I’d have a bald spot somewhere. I’ve been sad about that but I felt if I stopped and didn’t personalize what my hair looks like, I’d be just like anybody else. I would hate it if that happens.

This boy right here is about going against the grain, to be different, one that would stick like a sore thumb in an ocean full of people who want boring, I am not against it, but it’s just not me. I have trusted my hair with a lot of salons and they pretty much made it awesome because of the nice treatments, fancy hair colors and just about anything on a color wheel, I’ve already tried. I visited this posh salon called Bianca Festejo Hub in Greenhills the other week because I wanted something different, a change was definitely called for so I asked their senior stylist JR if I could do something crazy, I’d want to make my hair BLUE. He immediately warned me about bleaching (a good point) but I have bleached my hair tons of times and I knew what I was getting myself into. I have sometimes experienced pain in the scalp in other salons so this was expected. They escorted me to the salon area upstairs and I saw this on the mezzanine.

It’s very chic, very minimalist and feels like the same aesthetics as those in Korea. They’ve got a powerhouse of people who know hair and color so I sat down in one of these comfy seats and began the process. I have already shampooed my hair prior to going here so a little prep work on my hand saved me a lot of time. They started bleaching my hair and I was expecting this is gonna hurt, buy they must have been using premium products that I didn’t feel anything at all. It was just cold actually, because the thing they used had mint on it. It was a refreshing start. My hair turned yellow after a few minutes, then they put in purple shampoo as well to lighten it even further. They stylist knew how to only bleach the top part and later my roots so as not to get my scalp hurt in the process. He knew what he was doing.

Say hi to Senior Stylist RJ when you're there!

Bleach, not the anime, they covered my ears so it won't get colored too

Waited to make my hair lighter, then rinsed off their hair wash station

I was surprised to see @Earthlingorgeous there. We had burgers afterwards.

Almost done with the Blue shade, they also styled my hair plus a haircut.

Then after a rinse (thanks to the kind lady who did it for me), we went back to the chair and got the blue hair dye in. It didn’t smell at all and I just sat there for a little under 2 hours and I was done. See how much I’ve changed?

Your Super Saiyan God in the flesh! Haha

I love my BLUE hair. Thanks Bianca Festejo Hub!

I got my desired color (brighter and better results actually), without any pain and I’ve been getting the hair attention I have always wanted now. If you’r adventurous or just want something seriously good for your hair, go and say hi to the people at Bianca Festejo Hub in Greenhills Promenade’s Ground Floor. They’ve got the best people to pamper you, from hair or skin.

Go visit their website and social media channels @biancafestejohub on IG, plus their branches at Greenhills Promenade, Petron Square 2nd Floor, Congressional Avenue East and at Starmall Las Pinas 2nd Floor. You deserve the best, treat yourself to good hair.

You do.


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