Hada Labo is Now in the Philippines!

Tuesday, August 06, 2019

Do you have great skin? How do you know? Well there’s this great electronic tool that measures how hydrated your skin is, and I tried it out myself. Mine is about 43% and they say it’s pretty high for normal standards, I was happy about it. But what about the percentage of the population that don’t believe in hydration? With skin looking old and wrinkly, maybe it is an issue you can fix especially now that Japan’s number 1 Facial lotion just arrived in the Philippines.

For 12 years, they have been leading the market in Japan and with good reason, because it does work. For those who are involved in makeup, Japan has this way of putting lotions first before the moisturizer then the toner. It makes the base of your skin not dry so you get the application of make up easy without harming your skin. It gives it moisture, a good practice so I think it would also be perfect for Filipinos to do.

Hada Labo has Hydrating Lotions which helps skin keep that hydration balance, the Hydrating Face Watch helps keep that natural skin moisture to make it hydrates and fresh all throughout the day! They also have the Hydrating Light Cream which prevents moisture loss and the Hydrating Water Gel so you get a moisture protecting shield with a light breathable feeling. The Hydra & Whitening Face Wash has seaweed brown algae extracts so it draws water efficiently, then the Deep Clean & Pore Refining Face Wash with the Japanese Green Tea extract to help remove those excess oils (pretty good for mixed and oily skin). They are launching a few more lines very soon (for those looking for the red or blue line).

Now you don’t have to ask people going to Japan or online to purchase it, because it will be available in Watsons Stores nationwide, so stay tuned for the next ones eh! Go hoard it now!


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