Kobe Paras for H&M

Friday, August 02, 2019

This generation’s coolest guys deserve the biggest break, well, they already did.

It looks like IT boy and athlete superstar Kobe Paras is donning the red label international fashion brand H&M. After successfully launching Nadine a few months ago, it’s but apt to see someone that in-vibes the fashion, the looks, the swag, the overall feel of what H&M is all about. True enough, they released this morning some outtakes from his shoot with the brand and said that they’ll be releasing a whole collection designed for men this coming August 8, 2019.

I’d be really worried of there would be enough stocks in shop because from the looks of it, it’s as hot as he is, enough for you to hoard it once it drops on their stores nationwide. Now how can you get it? Just visit any branch in the Philippines on this date because you’ll love what Kobe has to give.


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