Harry Chocolates and Wackie Corn Chips Launch

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Went to this launch this morning with the owners of YanYan International Philippines Inc. who manufacture food products in the Philippines and export some of them in the Southeast Asian region. They are the same people who produced that favorite "Lumpia" and "Karaoke" snack you used to buy in sari sari stores when you were a kid. This is in some way their more premium line and we've come to bear good news. They are launching two more called Wackie Corn Chips and Harry Chocolate which we got to taste today.

They have these corn chips in different flavors, their Harry Chocolates also come in plain Milk Chocolate or ones with rice crispies, a variety you'll surely love.

Owner Mr. Lito Chua says "We love food and I have traveled to different countries and found how common it is for every person. YanYan prides itself in having state of the art machines so we could only produce the best for a good price. We have more than 150 products in the market and there is no secret in success, we just started and I think we are just doing our best since 2003. We think this is the foundation we have built for our kids and this is for their future. They will be the ones who will build on this. My wife is so good in what she does, she sleeps late and wakes up early just so she could supervise operations. I also did packaging and distribution in the past while my wife does the financial stuff, it is just in the efforts and dedication that you put in it. I am not successful yet, but we will get there." 

All these Harry Chocolate bars and variety of Wackie Corn Chips are available in leading supermarkets and grocery stores nationwide. Try it out today, especially the Wackie Corn Chips with Salted Egg on it because it's so good!


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