The Mina Anud Celebrity Screening

Thursday, August 22, 2019

We watched the movie Mina Anud the other day and was surprised how the story was totally different from the usual instagrammable scenic movie it looked like in the posters. It had a rich story. Dark comedy? Yeah, you can say that because it just meshes the realities of poverty, crimes, corruption, extortion, and just about the inane casualties of families, friends and themselves. You will get to see how capable Dennis Trillo is as a prime actor, not too shabby with the body exposures because that’s a given, but in this you’ll see how he struggles with shocking events with his wife, daughter, because they had to resort to some illegal activities just to get by.

Oh and the celebrity screening made it all special, I loved how their friends and family all supported the project.

Mina Anud is still screening on hundreds of theaters nationwide. You’ll love Dennis, the kid and Jerald Napoles in this movie. There, I said it.


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