Cinq Dessert Boutique

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

I was just killing time and thought of having coffee in a small cafe at Jupiter street in Makati. They call it Cinq Dessert Boutique located a few meters away from the Buendia MRT station. They had tons of things in the fridge but the one that caught my eye was this Aurore cake.

This stuff is made of dreams. Think of rich dark chocolate ganache, caramel on the bottom, and very minimal crust. There's also macadamia on top and a bit inside the cake. Damn, it was really good. I had them prepare brewed coffee too so I'd have something to pair it with. They have some other cakes but they all look so pricey (confirmed), I guess you really get what you pay for these days. This would be a really good place to hang out after office hours or maybe after going to restaurants nearby and you just wanted really good dessert. It's like a specialty place, you get me right?

Wish I could taste the other ones but I was already pretty late for my next event. I hope I'd be able to go back here soon! It's a little pricey (please remember), but I think for the quality of cakes they have, it's kinda worth it!


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