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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Great news to all SUN Cellular subscribers! Just like you, I super duper love music and entertainment. Actually, of you've been reading my posts lately you would have a clue that I've been covering tons of TV5 offerings too even if I barely have time to watch shows. Though I'm so lucky because it's very easy to use Sun Cellular Entertainment Loads that only require me to Press Play after registering to the service.

I enjoy playing Taylor Swift songs on Spinnr, the only one that plays it when it comes to music streaming services. They've also got the latest music releases, top charting tunes, tons of playlists that would satisfy even the discriminating audiophile. They also have the option to take it offline so you can play it all day if you wish to purchase tracks. Not only that, they've also gotten tons of people in concerts, win a lot of stuff too from their idols while having the best there is in Music with Spinnr, touted as the Best Music App of 2015 by the Global Mobile Awards of GSMA. They made it even easier to get with only a 50 peso charge for 5 days where you can get all day access to Spinnr, Free Viber, 200 All Net Texts just by sending the keyword eMUSIC50 to 247. It's one of the new services they have in the SUN Entertainment Loads program which gives you no reason not to subscribe at all!

I've also been watching tons of Wattpad Presents shows on TV5 and sometimes I miss an episode or two because I often go home late from covering events. There's a lovely solution for problems like that because if you have Android OS, you can download the Viewstream App on the Google Play store and subscribe to Viewstream50 by sending eVIEW50 to 247. It'll get you 5 hours of Viewstream services, free Viber, plus 200 text messages which you can send to all networks which will be all good for 3 days! Now you can catch up with your favorite shows and never miss it at all, wherever you are in the city just as long as you have SUN connected!

If you want to know more about it, you can check out how to get Sun Prepaid Entertainment Loads here!


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