Live Blog: Tech Island 2.0 by PLDT SME Nation

Friday, April 17, 2015

We're in Ocean Park Subic today to witness PLDT SME Nation's Tech Island 2.0 together with IT professionals and tech media from all over the Philippines. Tech Island 2.0 is a meeting of minds called by the need to conquer transformation of business models, corporate expansion, improvement of business through adaption of technology. 

Kat Luna Abelarde, the VP and head of PLDT's SME Group says "Technology is SME's greatest equalizer. PLDT will be a strong partner for growth, if you are thinking digital, think of PLDT."

"We build sustainable relationships with key business partners and have a nationwide campaign so we could turn technology into profit. We had a thought leader conference yesterday and got them to see various services that would make SME businesses competitive. We would like to share technological solutions so we could all go global. Transformational leadership in the digital era is emerging, leadership will be different in this day and age. Mastering the Digital Age means 44 Million active social media users and SME's should interact sufficiently to get their attention. We also need business continuity for brands in the Philippines. Everything is written in the wall, if you need digital, please think of PLDT. Tech Island 2.0 is ICT, catch your wave and bring your business to the next level. This is a trip to the future of business." says Amil Azurin PLDT's AVP and Head of SME Marketing, PLDT SME Nation.

SMART Communications Inc. was also there to offer SME's with SMARTBro plans with speeds up to 12/42 Mbps, also they have the SAMSUNG S6 EDGE available FREE at Plan 2500. PLDT also had some pretty good deals for catching the wave!

The PLDT SME Nation event had almost a thousand attendees and have partnered with Samsung, Microsoft and IBM. Some personalities from startups, FoodPanda and other tech corporations were there to talk about improving SME's and how they could do big things in the coming years.

IDC's Roger Ling who hails from Singapore says "Businesses will only survive with Mobility, Clouds, Big Data Analytics, social businesses and transformation. They also need to reduce costs so they could compete in the industry. IT spending is increasing as organizations realize how important it is. It is vital especially in ASEAN where we are 95% SME driven, and the demands are increasing in every organization."

CEO Mauro Coccieri talks about Food Panda and what they offer. He started with a selfie in front and marks this as an example. They are leaders in the industry and he says "In a country that's increasing internet usage such as the Philippines, if you're thinking about success online, you must have good product and service. The booming smartphone utilization and younger crowd means you must be investing in online platforms like targeted communications and still do good execution. Think about something new, but make a difference during execution. We partnered with PLDT, Smart and Sun and made it successful."

"There is always a better way. Education is important before you do any business. Our job as entrepreneurs is to find better ways. We work hard, it's what you do and what you have, it's a lonely job but you must focus, but there's alway a better product so we must always look for opportunities. Like if products are going the large scale, software is going to follow suit. You must have discipline in execution, even if you have scarcity. The phase of ASEAN is going to change in a few years, it can be local. The game has changed an this is one of the areas where the Philippines can excel. SME's can brand it and execute greatly." says Winston Namarillo who heads a few startup companies now in the Philippines.

"You can double the GDP of any company. IdeaSpace Foundation was made to build a better Philippine economy driven by technology, they fund them as well. If your idea includes passion, global competence with people and products, inclusiveness, sustainable and has scalable impact and integrity. We committed large capital to find the greatest science and technology ideas from the Philippines and Southeast Asia. Passion is not about talking, but getting your hands dirty and do the hard work." says Mr. Earl Valencia, VP for Innovations for SMART.

It was awesome in Tech Island 2.0. Had fun while learning a lot from inspiring people. Thank you for letting us ride the digital wave! 


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