James Reid, Nadine Lustre, Iñigo Pascual and Julia Barretto for "Para Sa Hopeless Romantic"

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

We're live blogging from the Dolphy Theater in ABSCBN for the Grand Press Conference of "Para Sa Hopeless Romantic" a romantic drama starring James Reid, Nadine Lustre, Iñigo Pascual and Julia Barretto based from the best selling book of Marcelo Santos III. They're two of the most well accepted love teams of their generation. The story revolves around James' and Nadine's characters who initially hooked up, then when the guy left her she began writing a novel with Iñigo and Julia in it. It's like a novel within a novel, something different, something sweet to offer even in the middle of summer. 

Their love story, unfortunately isn't perfect. Becca (Nadine's character) created her own love story, and still made it tragic. Her bitterness, lack of hope, showed in the story and if she would like to move on, will it happen to her own real life love story too? It's going to hurt a lot of people, you'll learn the reason why Nico had to leave the relationship later on. How can something so perfect get torn down in an instant? Will love survive and become better? A second wind? 

During the press con Direk Andoy Ranay says "Working with them was better because I treated them as my friends rather than a director. It's my style, I know my responsibility for the people who watch this and for the producers. We have the writer and screenplay done by people, what we did was collaborate in different drafts, we couldn't fit all the content in the number of minutes we had for the film. How the screenwriter pieced this together was hard, but I think it worked! Viva films chose this project, they do materials from other mediums now and assigned this material. This was perfect for the two pairs. What we look for them, the characters will make them see, there's a connection between the story of James and Nadine, plus the story of Julia and Iñigo's characters."

Nadine said that in this film "There's a certain amount of responsibility, it's different, we have to be more careful now because we need to be good examples. We strive to make them more kilig when we need to. Everything that I tell him, he comforts me. Even if I'm problematic, he's there and he's like a security blanket."

James Reid says "I became more serious, there's a lot of pressure and we really had to do it. Friends lang talaga kami, there's chemistry but we didn't know where it came from. We just know it works!"

Iñigo said some things about Juila, he starts "She's the closest friend, a person that I can talk about anything. We need to trust each other to also make this work. It's a dream come true to be paired with her."

Julia says "At this point Iñigo and I are good friends, that's a start. It's a great place to be in. It's crazy when I met him, we became friends even back when we started and this is something that we both wanted to do, we said we would work together and we did."

"The book actually is based on real life, some parts of it is actually my story. I used to sell books myself until I got a publisher, that's where I started. I didn't think about who will be the stars but I'm happy we got the perfect cast." says Marcelo Santos who wrote the book.

The movie Para Sa Hopeless Romantic is  showing on May 13 and is produced by Star Cinema and Viva Films.


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