Gerry's Plus Opens at UP Town Center

Friday, April 24, 2015

How many times have you gone out for lunch/dinner with friends and you couldn't make up your minds about where to go? Crazy isn't it? Well, that's about to change if you're near the UP Town Center because Gerry's Plus has opened its doors to the public last March 26, 2015! They're located at the second floor of the second building that's pretty near the exterior stairs.

Gerry's Plus is mostly much like Gerry's Grill but with a few items added to the menu. The ambiance is a little upscale sports shack, with a little country wood interiors too. It's relaxed, not too strict, no dress codes either, which is good in my books. They say they stayed in the Gerry's Grill concept because it would be hard to start a restaurant from scratch, at least with the name recall, you can adapt with the brand right away and you'll practically get the same menu, same price with some added food items of course. Still, it's not inferior to the Gerry's Grill Brand.

The Interiors

They have an open viewing kitchen, exposed beams, wood and slate walls, wooden and upholstered leather chairs mixed in. Seating capacity is around 60-80, with 16 of them in al fresco overlooking the Katipunan strip. 

The Food

This is their Crispy Vegetable Packet. Do not mistake it for Lumpia even though it would feel like it, it was actually quite good. The secret I think lies in the vinegar dip, it was almost a salsa. The packet contains string beans, carrots and ground pork. Please help yourself and order this for your starters. I loved it!

The Beef Salpicao is legendary. Beef tips with intense garlic bits, a couple of slices of finger chili, and garlic bread on the side. It can probably pass as a whole meal. 

This is their Stir Fry Chinese Veggies. I think this is swamp cabbage stir fried on the wok for a few minutes. It's crunchy and a bit bitter, which would be so good with fried items on the menu and rice. It's kinda like steamed kangkong spiced up and has a little broth left there somewhere. 

This is Gerry's Plus Bagoong Rice. This was a hit definitely. I love the sweet salty pork bagoong and the fresh bits of mangoes, onions and strips of eggs with it. If you're with family or a group of friends, you should definitely order this instead of the plain rice. It's way better and priced quite near it, a bette choice I might add.

This one is their Tofu with Minced Chicken. Hmm.. This felt like Italian meets Chinese cooking. It looks spicy on the photo but it's actually more on the basil side (a little overpowering), so you get to be confused a little. It's still good though, I love the soft tofu a lot!

This one's their Salt and Pepper Squid. The squid itself is quite bland but crunchy, I think it was made that way to pair with the sauce on top which was a tad salty. You must have rice with this otherwise, it would be a little too salty if you just take it on its own. It's good, don't get me wrong, but it should be taken with rice as I mentioned, without it you'll probably feel it's missing something.

This is Gerry's Plus Basil Chicken. The Asian fusion continues with this gracefully prepared chicken half smothered with chili sauce that's not too spicy, and bell peppers, crunchy fried basil leaves on top. This is another one worth ordering, either way, you can have it with rice, or without it.

This is their Oriental Pork Liempo. Anything grilled in this establishment is good, especially when it comes this way glistening in it's own juice, caramelizing outside as you bite in this soft piece of wonderful pork meat. It's perfect for beer pairing, with rice, or plainly on it's own. Of course it's not guilt free but it is, SO GOOD! Do not try to leave this place without trying it!

Since they're incorporatinng Italian-American flavors, they have to have pasta. This is Gerry's Plus Tinapa Pasta. This is definitely new. It's really great comfort food and if you close your eyes, that fishy smoky smell permeates in the white cream based sauce on top. Super good, and not too fishy. I like this one a LOT.

This is their Tuna Pasta. It's light, it's got an oil based sauce, and they use fresh tuna instead of the canned ones. It's not as fishy like the ones from the can and you won't feel quite heavy. But if you're gonna choose between this and the other Tinapa Pasta, I'd rather go with the Tinapa as it'll make you warm and fuzzy!

For desserts, we had the Chocolate Chip Ala Mode and the Lava Cake. I can't even put it into words, it's like a 8/10 and it super passed my standards when my standards are very high LOL. I didn't even thing they'd pass for a dessert place but if they do have something this good in Gerry's Plus, they might actually think about it.

Talking to Francis Villaluz their Senior Marketing Manager made us realize how much they want their business to continue to evolve. With the great additions to the Gerry's Plus menu, they would absolutely get the response they want from a brand new market. Young ones like us, choose to be adventurous in food sometimes, this is something that the Gerry's Grill Group wants us to realize in this place. They're not just a place for our old time favorites like the Crispy Pata and the Sisig, they've got tons of leg room to spare and introduce on the menu. They'll have more things added, taken out, and maintain when you want it on their menu. Now that's surely something you can get on the new Gerry's Plus menu! Don't miss out on something this good on your neighborhood!

Remember, the new Gerry's Plus is located at the UP TOWN CENTER's Second Floor. You'll love the Gerry's all over again! 


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