We Can Be Heroes: #DevantxAvengers Event

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Guy posing with superheroes not me. I am not worthy yet but I will be, soon! -kumagcow

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a super hero?

I know I did. I've donned countless costumes, flied around and fell many times over, thrown shurikens, drawn swords, and imagined laser beams coming out of my eyes often. It was something a normal kid would do. Although I'm not in that age bracket anymore, I still do it today. You can call me a freak anytime, you can call me different, but for me, I feel special. It's something that I've always want to be, and I'll still dream of that until I become a real super hero one day.  I know it will come true.

Devan'ts ULTRAHD TV, impressive!

I've been rearing to see Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron since they've started talking about it. Good thing our friends from DEVANT invited us last April 23 to see one of the most awaited films this summer. DEVANT partnered with Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron to finally see what great things these heroes have that are also present in DEVANT’s newest TV Collection. It was easy to spot, these superheroes clearly had something similar. You may ask, what characteristics would these Avengers have with their TV units? They told us one by one.

Captain America

This is DEVANT's very own 65 inch Curved Ultra HD TV. Just like Captain America, it's good looking, strong, and you'll never hear a bad word coming from it (unless you do of course). It's very smart, since it's a Smart 3D TV. All the curves, much like Captain America's shield makes it the perfect thing to watch your favorite shows, movies and games. Having this in your living room would feel just surreal that you can't possibly find another hero with that disposition. I want to be Captain America like I want that Curved Ultra HD TV too. Hello DEVANT! LOL!

Iron Man

For something more comic, something smart, something very like Iron Man, DEVANT also has this 65 Inch Smart 3D Ultra HD TV. It's got impressive technology much like Mr. Stark. Boasting an 8.3 Megapixel display and a built in ISDB-T receiver, even mad scientists like you (yes I know what you did last night with Pepper) would be impressed with this thing. You want technology to work for you and this just does the job. I want this one as well, so if Devant and Mr. Stark had the same characteristics, they'll pay for it right? LOL Hello DEVANT again!


Hulk can SMASH! It's the same thing with DEVANT's Superb Sound quality in every 50 inch Smart 3D Ultra HD TV. Just try and visit their stores so you could see what Black Widow loves with this monster, he's got built in subwoofers so you can get you and your facts clearer, and viewing experience ultra hypnagogic! You can ask Bruce Banner about what that word means too, he's smart like that.


Just like Thor, you won't stop until you get answers to your questions. DEVANT wants you to see what you clearly want in this 55 inch Smart 3D Ultra HD TV. You'll never see blurred scenes anymore because of its fast frame refresh rate made better with 120 Hertz Vivid Motion technology that'll get you that fast frame refresh rate. It's fast as thunder and lightning, when you see him raise his hammer and struck by it you won't see blurs, you see lightning details itself! Now that's demigod-like!


This DEVANT 55 inch Smart 3D TV is just a sharp shooter. It never misses a scene because of its spot on picture display. He could be out in the forest or inside the walls of a building but he'll never miss a target because this has got a Perfectly Clear Panel Display. It basically eliminates ambient light reflection even on different lighting conditions. The TV, just like Hawkeye will never miss a target. It's never gonna miss to let you see all the video details that you should see. It's like an advanced human feature that only wants to show you still have the heart to enjoy it with your family. Retiring soon like Hawkeye would have never been so good without this in your home, you'll enjoy time with it for years!

Black Widow

Her love for Hulk and her cleansing psycho dramatic story was for the books during the film. Much like DEVANT, she is special. You can get DEVANT's 50 inch Smart 3D TV's and get yourself 2D to 3D conversion. You don't really have to go to the movie houses and experience that. You can enjoy it at the comforts of your own home. You can watch all those action movies, sports channels just like the boys do. Black Widow shoots, punches, kicks and break them necks for breakfast. The DEVANT TV outperforms most of those expensive brands in the market and get you less what you paid for. Wouldn't you want things to be worth it? 

As for me, my super hero dreams would still be there. I'll take a look at the DEVANT TV Collection and its superb features to inspire me. I might not be an Avenger now but I'll definitely have that same hope for consumers that you'll get a lot of things from getting a DEVANT TV. It's unbelievably priced quite nice too. You don't have to spend a lot to think you're special, you just have to know what you're buying is worth it and that's exactly why DEVANT TV's are actually like these guys from Marvel's Avengers : Age of Ultron. Remember, no matter who you are, where you're from and what you do, you can be special too! (I think I should credit Backstreet Boys on that last part LOL!) I don't have a DEVANT TV yet, but I'm sure just like these heroes, they know how to save me... I know they will! We could be heroes. (Hello DEVANT! Haha!)

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