Smart Cooking with Samsung Home Appliances

Friday, April 10, 2015

We went to Chef Ernest Reynoso Galang's Gala Stars Culinary School in Pasig City to take a few lessons so we could use some of Samsung's modern ovens and state of the art refrigerators to whip up a couple of recipes during the event. I cook a little, but am yet to fully utilize my Samsung oven and this was something that they think could get us a little acquainted with the appliance and got a few bloggers in the mix to make the  activity a little competitive. This time we we're not cooking our best recipes but doing everything by the book. Instead of frying we could use the modern oven to air fry, aside from that, we could use the Samsung Refrigerators to keep the ingredients fresh and frozen at some point.

The executives from Samsung Home Appliances and Chef Ernest gave us small talk about how we can maximize the use of the appliances. They also told us not to worry about cooking that afternoon because it's going to be easy. 

When we arrived they already did the "mise en place" so we barely prepared everything and just had to put things together. The school mostly does this on their classes I think. When we started to cook it was awesome to have the instructions on paper at that time, that made it easier for us to understand. They also got the "finished product" in front so we could see how it'll all turn out.

The appliances were kinda huge because they're more industrial, fit for the school's function. Still, I could definitely see how this will all look like when the appliances are at home. It'll definitely help a lot.

After pounding the Chicken Breast (to flatten), we had it butterflied and inserted slices of Spam (original flavor) and a couple strips of cheese. You just roll them up, put them in F.E.B., that's Flour, Egg and Bread Crumbs (specifically in that order) and put them in the fridge so they could hold their form. Then, you just deep fry them or bake, it depends on your preference but it'll be crispier with oil. It'll be way healthier if you put it on the oven though.

It was meaty, spicy and cheesy, just the way I liked it. I put in a sprinkle of dried herbs on mine like basil, pepper and cayenne so it would be different from the others who made the same dish. It was absolutely, insanely delicious! Of course, I made it! :P

We also made pasta with only a few ingredients. It's sauce was just made by Basil, Garlic and Tomato. I had my serving with tons of Parmesan cheese whilst the one for show had fried basil leaves on top. It was simple, yet very filling. It could even pass for date food if I were cooking for someone special, but you can always cook for yourself and make it your comfort food. I know I do.

Life became so easy with the Samsung Ovens and Refrigerator. I still have my fridge at home and it's so efficient, we've had it for years. I also have the Samsung Oven but I'm still learning to use it. You can cook too if you had the right products in your kitchen, all it takes is the right ones from Samsung so you can get started with your own culinary journey. That's smart cooking!


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