Skyscanner Now FREE Through Smart, Sun and Talk N Text

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

We're in Makati today to cover Skyscanner. They just came out with news about free access in Smart, Sun and Talk N Text networks. Unbelievable? No, it is true! 

Whether you're planning to visit Japan or just bum around Boracay, their app would choose the best flights, hook you up with the best hotels and inns, even get you transportation arrangements in between. The thing is, it always boils down to your bandwidth getting used when searching for these things and SafeZone basically eliminates that. A single toggle switch on or your Smart Dashboard will get you protection from unwanted browsing charges. Now, they're making your surftime in, their app in iOS and Android all FREE.

Heidi Garayblas, Affiliate Business Manager for Voyager Innovations

The app is powerful, it's going to even alert you in the best deals if a destination would spark your interest. Subscribing would immediately send you emails when  the fares go down and deals suddenly happen on individual airline sites, something that never happens in other travel apps.

Dindo Marzan, Assistant Vice President for Voyager Innovations

They also suggested a couple destinations like Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan or the US which you can book early 17-20 weeks prior to departure so you spend less on the travel fares. They also tipped us off the most searched destinations this summer that we Filipinos love! The list concludes Singapore, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, London, Tokyo, Caticlan (Boracay), Bangkok, Seoul, New York and Cebu for the month of January to March. It seems that people have prepared a lot for May to July which is still the peak season, they just made it even easier for us to access websites for FREE!

Thank you Skyscanner and SafeZone! I hope you get more partners and have all these sites for free! 


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