Clara Olé Potluck Food Fest

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Clara Olé has already gone so much more as just a brand for jams and jellys. Today, there's quite an assortment of products that they have in the market that have dauntlessly saved lives of Moms and people in the kitchen as they made them all kinds of creams, sauces, marinades and a lot of other things. Cooking became just a cinch, like chopping up ingredients, meats, boiling the pasta and pouring in the sauce which everybody loves. It used to take countless hours to do that but now, it's way better. In grand celebrations yesterday morning, they got us into a Potluck Food Fest over at R Space in Makati. They whipped up dishes using CLARA OLE products and shown us how quick they can cook dishes with it. Celebrity Mom and Homemaker Amy Perez was also there to do a short cooking demo using sausage and cream based pasta sauce from Clara Ole, check out our video!

Clara Ole is also going to several schools in order to do these Potluck Foodfests so they can show Filipinos how good it is to have Clara Ole products in their kitchen. They will be starting this April 25th and the consecutive ones after that. Who knows??? They might go to the provinces as well pretty soon! Please follow their social media channels so you can take note of the dates and locations for the next Clara Ole Potluck Foodfests next time!


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