Birthday Boys Jak Roberto, Mark Herras and Christmas fun with GMAArtist Center

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

If there are artists that were blessed this 2017, one of them is actor Jak Roberto. After a lot of episodes in different programs and iconic roles landing him in primetime slot, you may as well consider him as one of the new bankable stars in the network. He's blessed because we watched him grow not just as a star, but a person. He remained very humble despite his success, and we the bloggers are never surprised because we love him dearly. Now he's part of upcoming show Contessa together with goddess Glaiza De Castro. So we asked about it during his birthday celebration prepared by GMA Artist Center.

Jak Roberto says "Contessa will have a really epic story of revenge, me included as I help her rid of her enemies. It's more of an action drama and I have worked with Glaiza in different projects. I'm glad that I haven't been tied up with one loveteam so I don't get any breaks. I didn't expect to be surprised during a taping, we were really busy but I felt there was something going on, I really appreciated her effort and the people from Tadhana." 

"I guess we might have our own individual projects and very busy but I appreciate how she made time for me (talking about her sister Sanya Lopez). That's just on another level. Sanya and me, we talk about how our lives has changed now that we are on tapings most of the time... we seldom meet at home so we are taking a break these holidays. We are going to be with family and not so much of traveling. I also had a day with kids this year, it was really heartwarming. To see cancer patients, they organized it all, I really wanted that to happen. I also want to buy a new pickup because I need it for work. If I had the free time I will try to rest, eat in a buffet, just to relax a bit. I need that."

You deserve all these things Jak, and we wish you nothing but the best and more success in your future shows!

Then we got to also see birthday boy Mark Herras. The Bad Boy of the Dance Floor was in a good mood, I love this guy to bits especially because I'm a Mark Jennylyn fan. They've always been so nice to me and treated me like a friend, I consider them one because after all these years, they haven't changed.

We asked him what his plans were for celebrating Christmas and what he would want as a gift to himself. The birthday boy answered briefly:

"I don't usually go out during Christmas because I want to just celebrate with family. I like shoes, I also like perfumes, I like Diesel's BAD. I ordered on a website and it arrived. I didn't go with Wyn in Bolivia because she wanted to concentrate on the competition. Wyn is a little lacking in self confidence, she didn't want to join initially and when she saw her competition they were all tall and beautiful. She had her dream, she wanted to prove a point so she really danced her way to their hearts. I was really hoping she would win and I didn't have any idea how it would feel like in Bolivia. She was nervous, but she won it. She needs to complete her reign, and we now seldom meet but I completely understand. I am super proud of her, I shouted at her during the Bench show. She is a different person on stage. After everything that happened to me, she helped me gain my confidence back. She always checks on me when she can help me with a lot of things. She's just there for me, everytime. If ever, I would be completely okay to be with her in a show. A romantic comedy, or a dance show, we would be able to whip out things. We are now very open to people, I was always with her and I laughed when she was asked in her Bolivian show guesting when she was single. During and after her win, I know she would be really asked a lot. I want the roles of Gabbi Eigenmann, something like that. Because it's like really colorful, and perhaps do other things that I haven't really done before. I see my path, I want to do roles good. I haven't known any Starstruck activities yet but if ever I would be asked to experience that again I am okay. I know I miss Sunday shows, my fans too. I get tired sometimes but I guess crowds get me going."

He's got shows coming up on GMA and I will still support this guy, he's a very nice man. Mark will surprise you in an upcoming show that they can't divulge yet during this time of the interview so I can't wait for that!

By the way, both of the birthday events and our Christmas party was hosted by good friend Joshua Jacobe of Top One Project. He's on a roll and is very confident already. I can't wait to see his star shine too. 

These guys from One Up on the other hand joined us to celebrate our annual Christmas Party with GMA Artist Center. Albeit not complete, these guys performed a couple of sons to keep us entertained during our small gathering. They are very game, they didn't mind the ruckus happening in our party and were all so nice. For that, thank you One Up!

I would like to take this bit and thank everyone who made this event possible. Thank you GMA Artist Center for all that you do for us bloggers, we know how much you have worked the whole year and how difficult some of us are lol, but despite that you remained so nice everytime. Thank you to all the sponsors of this party also Goldilocks for the cake! 

We can't thank you enough!

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