SLAPSHOCK Celebrates 20th with ATAKE

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Still rocking the stage all these years, SLAPSHOCK my favorite local rock band is still filling up stages here and abroad. It's been 20 years, don't count that if you don't want to feel old, because these guys still look as young as they've started and I'm not even surprised.

Doing what you love and seeing people enjoy your music must have been one of the reasons why. 

Jamir says "20 years is hard but pretty good at the same time, we grew up touring. All the supporters, our armies and sponsors, we want to thank them all. It's a different album, we went heavier, we still listen to everything to pop, rock or hiphop, we keep growing, we are still hungry. ATAKE is just that. 20 years but we're not slowing down, music is faster, like attacking more. ATAKE took us more than a year to complete and write this album, although it's easy to record, writing tagalog songs was so hard. Now we have a more positive song, this just comes natural on our own time. The demand of our dark army is just strong and this is massive. We talked about all the takes, this is mosh pit stuff, we always want to bring out the fresh things to the album. You hear us, but you have to see us, we are a live band and it's a part of the process that we have to go through. We want to do it live, not acoustic, because we want to do it heavy right now. We also did something for Red Horse, unshocked which will come out soon. Fame is never there, we always have something to do, we feel like we are always the underdog. We don't have fans but we have friends supporting us. We are a loud band but we're very quiet off stage and tamed. We meet our fans, even with disabilities, they get inspired through our music, we get inspired by them. It takes out the armor of being a rockstar, we are normal and we are on the same playing field. We would always bring a little bit of a slapshock song, our comfort is ourselves and maybe if we get challenged. I need to sleep a lot, I work out, I don't smoke but I have a lot of red horse. We now have to be responsible and be careful on what we do because we have kids listening to us, being a good example is do that day in day out because we influence people. That requires a lot."

He adds "I guess it's not a single person thing when we do this, we perform always as Slapshock. Thank you for all the fans for following and believing in us, we are goong to do some crazy a$s shows and it's an awesome feeling to have you around."

When asked about why their sponsors continue to believe in them, lead guitarist Lean Ansing says "We keep things dynamic, we keep it always new so we have something to offer. We don't over publicize so we keep a certain mystery still. That's out secret."

Their album is out already on online stores, please follow and like their Facebook page because it contains their tour dates and schedules. Yes, they are touring locally now, so you better catch them!

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