Monday, December 04, 2017

This will transform the way we journey the world, way better than before. People look for freedome when you travel, not worrying about anything since you take time out of your schedules. Mobile data can be very expensive when you're roaming, but now Smart World is changing that. Easy, convenient and transparent at the palm of your hands, all for free. This will bring down all the barriers holding us back with just a few taps, with innovative services that are FREE.

PLDT CEO Ms. Kat Luna Abelarde says "The best things in life is free, people need to get to places faster, more efficient and make it enjoyable. Smart won't end 2017 without a surprise. Imagine breaking free from the hassle of data roaming, the bill shock and all those problems, but most of all the FEAR of something that is beyond your control. We now have a Data Roaming Manager, now you can subscribe in one click. It lets you track data real time, we also improved the validity format with it now starting on the instant you subscribe for the service. You can use 2 more data roaming packs at the same time. We also have GIGAROAM, 1GB of data good for 5 days, but we want to take that higher. We now have the SMART WORLD ROAM FREE APP, free access to your travel apps without the need to download it. It automatically adjusts to the country you need to go to, essentially free access to travel related apps like uber, google, airbnb, google maps, all in 26 countries for smart subscribers without downloading it at all. It's a one stop shop, top up your prepaid account or have special deals only for Smart subscribers.

Now that's a good thing to have if you're planning to go to your favorite countries around the world. Oh and by the way, the face of Smart World is no other than Ms UNIVERSE Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, the best woman for the job don't you think? :)

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