Jennylyn Mercado and Derek Ramsay for ALL OF YOU

Friday, December 01, 2017

I miss her a lot, you must miss Derek too. Well, for those who miss them both on screen... this would definitely be a treat! The lovely Jennylyn Mercado and Derek Ramsay will star in this Quantum Films and MJM Productions entry for the Metro Manila Film Festival 2017 called ALL OF YOU which will show on December 25 this year. As you may know, they've already proven their work with the hit movie ENGLISH ONLY PLEASE last 2014 made by the same director Dan Villegas. This time, they're leveling up and remarks that you'll see an even more daring and sizzling pair up between the two stars and a fun quirky ensemble cast to boot.

Direk Dan Villegas says "The main difference is the level of maturity, this is very real and not much aspirational. It's down to earth and very far from EOP. We have a lot of sensual scenes here, we tried to capture that. The poster depicts just that, if you have gotten the last piece and it fits then you've given all of you. You only give that in work, in family and only if you are sure you he/she's the right one. It's difficult to describe why the are good actors because sometimes you just see them on screen, even when I'm editing and they become real. They might have started skeptic in a way but they ended up in a relationship. We shot this in Taiwan, it's magical there. You'll see that in the film."

Jennylyn Mercado adds "Here, she's more matured, more natural in a sense that they delve into real happenings in relationships. I haven't really used a dating app but I see my friends do it and they have fun, I see them experience and enjoy it. I guess in a way it's more sensual. The first day was already a love scene and it kinda shocked us, it was awkward at first but it all got good reviews. We got an R13 rating so I'm sure there will be more people who can watch it. I'm not in the position of Via but I think in my situation, I do it for my family. We should never enter a relationship when we are not sure, because in the end we will not justbe hurting ourselves, but other people too. Derek is quite good in drama, even back then he's really good and I pull emotions from him sometimes. He helps me and it's like team work. Sometimes, direk shows me how it's done and it's like very personal for him. So anybody can relate. Both characters also get perspectives from their characters, we support different facets. Trust, love, you give your all if you are committed. Here you promise something, whether it's in a relationship, work, it might be easy to say that as a word but to do it is going to be difficult. Make sure you are ready, in yourself. If you're good, then you're okay."

Derek Ramsay adds "We want to project something real so here, you'll be loving the sweet moments, the marriage as it feels like a slice of life. I haven't used one but even in the set I see a lot of people do it through an app. We kinda get how they react and do it with our characters. My friends in frisbee do it a lot even if we are out of the country. For me I have been able to give all of myself but it hasn't been reciprocated. For me I won't get into a relationship without that in my mind. If I allow myself to be committed I already give everything in the beginning. Most of the things depicted here are mostly things that have happened in his life, that was cool and a new experience for me. She's a very versatile actress (Jen), proven, jologs and serious at the same time. People do appreciate that. Commitment is very important, you show that when you are in the situation."

The cast includes Solenn Heussaff, Rafael Roselle, Sam Milby, Yayo Aguila, Hannah Ledesma, Nico Antonio, Kean Cipriano, Enzo Marcos, Via Antonio, Kelvin Yu, Kate Alejandrino and Milo Elmodo. Thank you to Philippine Airlines, Tanduay and Tough Mama for sponsoring the prizes earlier at the blogcon. 

I guess at my age I can't really give my all, we all do this so we could protect ourselves. If you want to feel kilig and laugh about the little mishaps in relationships, this movie is for you. Everybody is entitled to love, but would you gamble to give ALL OF YOU to get there? How far would you go? Remember to watch their story unfold on December 25, I'm watching!

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