Lancaster New City Lights Up the Christmas Season

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

We journeyed all the way down south in the outskirts of Manila to check out what Lancaster New City has prepared for their community. The last time I was here, it was heartwarming to witness people from Lancaster go out of their way to give gifts to individual residents, even the kids entertained with small parties right in front of their majestic church that sits right in front of their sprawling property. 

This year however, it became more evident how the community has grown and developed with a full blown mall, grocery, night spots and services that have sprouted like mushrooms in the hectares upon hectares of land. During out trip, they got us into a frenzy by inviting some of the country's finest bands including Teddy Corpuz and his band Rocksteddy. Albeit a little traffic that evening, the crowd didn't mind at all as they grew bigger by the hour filling up that huge lot where they hold the CHRISTMAS LIGHT SHOW. They've been doing this every weekend since November 25 and will last until December 26 this year. It was captivating as all the laser lights and Christmas light installations twisted, turned and danced to the tunes of the latest Christmas music remixes, leaving the crowd stunned and at awe right in the middle of Cavite.

Ms. Charity Guillermo VP for Sales and Marketing of Lancaster says "If you remember last year we had similar things happening in the community, Filipinos are very musical and we all enjoy time with family and friends. Our crowd is getting bigger every year so we are adding even more activities this year. We are very careful not to actually cause traffic and this development is just taking it's course. There are a lot of establishments now opening their businesses here, even big names included. We are generating jobs here, you can see how many companies are putting up ads indicating they are hiring. Aside from what we put out, each of them are putting up their own Christmas activities per association so they have their separate parties, and it remains family centric. We are also continuing to assist private institutions to build more schools because the goal is to make students be able to walk to their schools (like everything is walking distance) and this has been in the urban plans of Lancaster since day 1. Aside from that, there are still a ton of developments we are working on together with the things we planned for this Christmas season to be launched today."

The parties won't stop there because aside from this show, they'll also have The Dekada Food Bazaar open from Wed-Sat at 4PM, the reveal of PERPETUITY a 20ft sculpture made by award winning artist Merlito Gepte. They also will be having a film showing of Love You to the Stars and Back and Can't Help Falling In Love at the Central Greens Open Air Cinema and another concert with Imago, Six Cycle Mind, Banda ni Kleggy, Stellar and Grace Note which will happe at The Square. 

If you want to know more about the other events just visit their Facebook page

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