A Zoobic Night Safari this Holiday Break

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Oh no, don’t let this long holiday break end without doing something special like this one at Zoobic Night Safari. This thing happens at the Subic Bay Freeport Zone Group 1, Ilanin Forest at the Subic Freeport Zone and will only last until January 6. You won’t see it until March so that’s a long time if you actually miss it. This would be a great opportunity for your kids or lovers to get up close and personal with the cute zoo animals under the dark cold sky.

You’ll be entertained by world class Filipinos and escorted through a night scaped jungle while being guided by kind greyhounds. You’ll see snakes, iguanas, lizards of all kinds in the Serpentarium. You’ll also get to pet some of them through a trail and see how they move while living through the night as some of these guys are nocturnal, including Tigers in their own habitat!

You’ll also see lions, crocodiles, birds and other animals while they go about their everyday chores, not usually seen in the Zoo during daytime. You will also be treated to a world class show, cast of Filipinos so you get a dose of culture even if you’re in a predatory mood.

Entrance fees only costs Php 895 for adults, Php 795 for kids 3-4 ft. It already includes dinner, but if you opt not to have food just get 100 off of that price. If you are bringing some kids shorter than that, they get in for FREE. Now isn’t that a nice deal?

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