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Friday, December 22, 2017

We met with Ms. Ross Licup over lunch the other day for the launch of Exuviance by Ross, a new online health and beauty store over at She's the owner, but I felt how very passionate she was about the products that she carry. Her success in the beauty industry didn't come easy as it has stemmed from her near death experience. To cut the story short, she had a rare immunity and health problem in the past which she and her husband survived from. She was told by local doctors to only have  few months to live after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, but then she sought for cures outside the country. 

She participated in programs, unconventional clinical tests and procedures and kept herself positive all throughout the ordeal, ultimately to find a cure and successfully battling that against the odds. This experience not only made her better, but exposed to find the best solutions from around the world which she saw was effective. All the results with these products made her realize to start advocating how people should take care of the body and our largest organ, the skin. She then knew how they introduced proteins, nutrients that can be naturally absorbed by the skin without relying on anything artificial. She saw how these products were good to slow down aging, to reverse it, and result to younger looking skin in a process called skin buffing, which is a treatment for your DNA which she pronounces are not new discoveries. These are just probably one of the few things that doctor's wouldn't tell you so you would go back to their clinics. 

Heliocare has once a day dietary supplements made with natural extracts. It's packed with antioxidant properties which may help your skin protect itself.

Ms. Ross Licup for Exuviance by Ross says “As we age, the skin’s regenerative cycle including our body’s functions slow down and deteriorate. The same happen to our skin’s ability to regenerate and naturally repair itself.

Ms. Licup says "We want to get to our consumers get the top quality products from our health and beauty online store in a very affordable price. I have personally tested them, I used these products and apply it on me, my family and friends. We have products that we exclusively distribute so if you compare them with other online stores you won't get it the same price as we have. We have water based foundations, anti aging treatments, no surgery involved. We have foundations that firms up the skin, which you can wear the whole day as it stays for the longest time even under a spot light. You won't have to cover anymore, just a few touch ups, some of the best regimens which would cost you thousands of pesos, you could get it at a better rate in ours. If we can afford to look for these treatments and we can't have access to it, what more with other people? We are very happy about the results of our products, and I wish people see that when we have it in our store. I hope they see the value in that."

In order to get registered in the new online store, you must add to cart and purchase products from the store first. It will later on ask you for your details so take note of that. If you see some products that are listed there but without an add to cart function, chances are it's already sold out. You may find alternatives there because they have various SKU's from different brands. Mind you these are handpicked by Ms. Ross Licup herself.

Each purchase online would actually also earn you points and you can use that to get free services from their salon, which can be scheduled and availed by appointment on a later date. You can also purchase services on the site and get points as well, so you definitely get more.

They also have BiRetix Duo gel and mask used in the treatment of acne to lower inflammation, to clear, unclog pores and reduce redness in the skin. This would be good for oily ones like me.
They also have Endocare creams which promote skin regeneration, that would be good for aging or damaged skin. Fix those eye bags for you before you put on make up in the morning.
The store also has the Sparitual line, a vegan - eco friendly product line from nail polish to body lotions to bath tonics... they have it.
For those who want smooth shiny hair, the online store also has Neu Du hair treatment products and shampoo, so you get clean as a whisk and stay gorgeous all day.
These Endocare C Pure products have Vitamin C which would brighten your skin, helps in skin regeneration and is anti aging. Best of all, it's oil free so those with oily skin like me don't have to worry.
I was specifically interested about these Sparitual Bath scrubs and salts. It will be the perfect way to spend my staycation at hotels because I usually spend a LOT of time in the bath tub. That's where I usually get lots of rest. Now I can make my skin even better as it is!
Revitalash products are known for their mascara primers, thickening mascara agents and other lash products. If you're a girl who needs this on their face, their's is cheaper than in stores in the country because they source it directly and supply them with it.
Last but not the least are the dermatologist developed skin care by Exuviance called NeoStrata. They have something for your skin concerns as this line addresses aging, wrinkles, pigmentation, oily skin and others.
If you're out for taking care of your precious face, they have pure collagen in a mask form. Theirs is more affordable than the ones out in the market. So if you want to save a few bucks, this would be a good place to start.

Now you know her story, you could take a trip to the new online beauty portal today so you could take your skin regimens to another level. She's used these products herself and vouches of their effectiveness because she's done the legwork of picking each piece that had made her well and still gorgeous at her age over the years. I have tried ordering through the website and currently they have BDO balance transfer and over the counter as payment method. Soon, they'll also be adding other banks and a corporate Paypal account so it would be easy for online transactions. I've already seen some of the items on the website have been sold out so if I were you, avoid the holiday rush and get your skin, bath and hair essentials now at Exuviance by Ross' online store. They also have free delivery for orders Php 10,000 and up. Aside from that, they have clinic and spa services which also can be purchased at a huge discount on the website. Their physical clinic is just at Arnaiz in Makati, just a stones throw away from the SM Makati-Glorietta- Greenbelt area.You may schedule your appointments there.

 Cheers to good skin!


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