The Good Things About the VIVO V7+

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

If you haven't decided to get a phone yet despite receiving your Christmas bonus last month or last week, then you should take a look at the Vivo V7+. It's not rocket science, but if you compare to what it's got at this price point, the Vivo V7+ is indeed an excellent choice.

Imagine taking selfies with a monster 24 Megapixel front camera. With that huge image, you'll get the finer details of your face without you looking like a fading picture from the 50's. This Christmas though needs no excuse to take those fabulous Christmas spreads so you need a good 16MP back camera to make it so good of an image in social media. Add to that the ability to take UHD quality videos, it'll look very detailed on Youtube without you doing too much post processing because it's enough to impress. You'll love the Bokeh feature too as it blurs the crazy backgrounds and just puts emphasis on your good face, a thing we would all dearly love.

With a whopping 84.4% screen display, all those videos of your memories and entertaining movies would just be standing out from the usual binge watchers, you'll really see those Koreanovela stars with no pores up close without any hitches. With a Qualcomm Octacore processor, rendering videos, computing stuff and opening apps would be just a cinch, packs more power in a single smartphone. It's time you enjoy something you buy off the smartphone market because you'll love the Vivo V7+ definitely. 

It's used by your favorite stars, why shouldn't you right? 


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