The 360 Mini Wireless Intercom IP Camera

Sunday, December 10, 2017

I've been so worried about home whenever I'm out on events because even though there are people inside the house, I forget a lot of things and get worried if there are uninvited guests sometimes. I'm just like you, we want to see the things inside our house just to feel more secured because let's face it, the Philippines isn't as safe as it was before. These days, security cameras are actually required for businesses in my city but for SOHO (small office/home offices) an IP camera would be sufficient.

Now I've got to tell you, I'm not new to this because I've been a router and device technician for a multinational tech company a couple years back. I install cameras like these for a living so in a way, I know my way around it. IP Cameras in the past have a web based interface and you would need to specify the IP address and the port you assign on the device, you then have to manually encode that on your router's firewall so it could allow the connection to go through. Aside from that, you need to go to the setup page of the IP camera and connect it to the network as a separate device, much like connecting a separate laptop computer. This time with the 360 Mini Wireless Intercom IP Camera, you won't have to really do that anymore because you just need to follow the steps indicated inside the app.

After opening the box, it's time to install the app. I am on iOS so you just have to look for the 360 Smart Camera App on the App Store or use a QR code scanner if you have one on your phone. What I like about it is that it's a pretty small app to install.

After installing on your phone, you have to register and use your phone number. Then select a password for it.

In order to activate it, click on the SEND code button and wait for it on your phone. Input your code and finish the registration process, it should take you to the MyCameras list.

Click on the + sign on the top right hand corner of the app and it should ask you for your wifi password. 

It will get your connection tested, a few minutes would do.

Click on Connect to my Camera (if you are installing one) if you want a family member to connect to your camera, they would need to click the other one and use the QR Code you'll send them later.

It's pretty elementary, you just have to follow the prompts of the Green Light is Blinking. If it's not, just turn the device off and turn it back on.

It would ask you to name your camera, just keep it simple, you don't want to confuse people who want to connect to it too.

If you get this prompt, then you have successfuly connected the 360 Wireless IP Camera on your network. 

You may use your fingers to zoom in or out of the video. It's going to give you a 150 degree view of your home, I have covered some parts for security.

The camera can be viewed in different modes like Standard, HD and Ultra HD. I was impressed it only needed a few resources as far as bandwidth is concerned.

You will be prompted to update it if the current firmware of your device is not updated, so please do as it has some fixes.

You will get that 150 degree view if you choose to see it on the landscape mode, you can also set alerts if you want to only use it when someone moves, and you can also use an SD card if you want to record things. As far as video quality, it's pretty decent.

You can invite friends and family to view your camera by texting them, using a QT Code invite or through WeChat which is pretty common in China.

Turn this off if you don't want alerts to happen.

You may choose to view videos and past recordings here.

This only indicates 1 camera so far but I plan to purchase more so I could cover the whole house, we don't want to get in trouble do we!

There are also options to clear cache and  enable gesture passwords. If you want something like that.

I did a screenshot of my personal QR code and sent it to my siblings so they can view our home from anywhere in the world. What I like about this is that it's very inexpensive, easy to install, quite clear and you get to see the most precious people you need to see 24/7. Not to mention PEACE OF MIND... That to me is priceless!

This device is available in various online stores in the Philippines, so get them if you want to be able to take control of your house, call for help if the need arises. It should be this easy.

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