ESPN5 Launches SPORTSCENTER Philippines

Friday, December 15, 2017

Looks like they're going for greatness as ESPN5 launches a new program fitting in the daily happenings in sports across the country and the rest of the world. You've seen the teasers on TV, and yes they're really doing it as SportsCenter finally launches in the Philippines this December 17. No, this is not a drill. 

What's gonna happen? Well, for starters they're going to get YOU updated EVERYDAY for 30 minutes, done by the great people from ESPN5 live, unadulterated and fast sports news broadcasted from their studios in Manila. What's in it? The latest sports happenings from leagues across the country and around the world so fans from the PBA, NBA, WNBA, American Football, local and international volleyball fans would get their fix when they want it, where they want it on the boobtube. This will also include daily contributors from the SportsCenter US broadcasts, so you are NEVER gonna be shortchanged when it comes to sports news, NOT gonna happen. Aside from that, the best sportscasters from the industry like Aaron Atayde, Lia Cruz, Magoo Marjon and Amanda Fernandez will deliver it like pizza, fresh, hot and fast! Because you deserve the best that this synnergy brought about by the partnership of broadcasting giants TV5 and ESPN, because you deserve it.

These young and hungry sportscasters will bring their expertise in commentary, especially in PBA, NBA, FIBA (where we should expect our country's GILAS will do good!), and a whole lot more. TV5 head honcho and President Vincent "Chot" Reyes says "We are more than excited to bring you the iconic and leading sports brand in the world to Philippine shores and I believe this will define sports programming on television. We are so honored to bring SportsCenter in the Philippines, it's a milestone and we can't wait for you to see it!"

Now remember, it'll be just 30 minutes of updates each day. That's the amount of time you get your pizza through delivery, it'll make you a genious in conversation with your bros, compadre's and just about anyone in the world because you will stay current, informed, because again it's what SportsCenter could do. Easy.

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