Asia Pacific PREDATOR League 2018: Philippines

Monday, December 18, 2017

Looks like ACER is stepping up to the plate and is making events for their products, putting their foot where their mouth is. They jusy concluded the Philippine leg offhe Asia Pacific Predator League 2018 at the Highgrounds Cafe in Scout Rallos Street in Quezon City. It's right beside Tomas Morato avenue which is a couple minutes away from my home. Even though this is my turf, teams from around the country will converge at this huge cafe powered by the latest in PREDATOR desktop rigs to vie for the Philippine championship so they could represent the country in Indonesia.

If you don't know, this league is the region's biggest gaming tournament dor DOTA 2 League and is happening in 7 participating Asia Pacific countries. The elimination rounds (qualifiers) already happened in 4 regions in the Philippines. For Mindanao, it happened in TNC (TheNet.Com is their official venue partner, they are also the organizers) Bukidnon, for Visayas it's in TNC Bacolod, then for North Luzon at TNC La Union and for NCR it's at TNC Marikina. If they become the champions of the Asia Pacific Predator League 2018, they will get the chance to get US$ 150,000.

As for the winning the Philippine leg, they will get to win Php 50,000. Second Prize gets Php 25,000, Third gets Php 15,000 and Php 10,000 for the fourth. The Philippine leg champion will then fly to battle other country champs from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Hong Kong and host Indonesia. 

Mr. Andrew Hou, President of Predator Gaming Pan Asia Pacific Region says "We see a lot of potential and tremendous growth in the region for the coming years and we're sure we'll be discovering outstanding gaming talent in the Philippines as we continue to unleash more products as we all discover the world of Predator gaming." They will continue to support teams such as Philippine Dota Pride and TNC Pro Team Dota 2. If you want to know more about this and future events, visit their official website because they've got everything there if you want to join the competition.

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Mark Neumann, LT, Christopher De Leon for "Kamandag Ng Droga"

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Got invited to the premier of the "Kamandag ng Droga" film of Carlo J. Caparas last week and saw stars Christopher De Leon, Mark Neumann, Ms. Perla Bautista, AJ Muhlach, CJ Caparas, Sarah Lahbati Gutierrez and their co-stars. Ms. Lorna I think was out spending time with family so she wasn't there at the premier. The film is an advocacy movie, about drugs and family relationships. Although it was tackling a pretty serious subject, it felt more like what we're seeing right now in the news, so it touched in reality and how the current administration is dealing with it. 

You will see the President's speech inserted in a few scenes while they are discussing the subject so it felt like a broadcast from TV or a long talk in congress. If you are a fan of the President then you'll really love this film but if you're not, then you probably should skip it. If you are looking for acting prowess, this may have hits and misses but overall it's just okay. You also should watch this for the merits of the stars, more so if you miss them because you haven't seen them in quite a while. As usual, Christopher and Ms. Lorna delivers, but felt it could have been better if they had a different premise, a different issue or talk, because I got a bit tired of the lengthy talk they did about the menace of drugs. It comprised about 80% of it, and the rest delved into family relationships, with friends, peer pressure, death and a lot of partying.

Please don't take me wrong, it was okay all in all but it was just not my cup of tea. Was it worth to watch it? If you are a fan of the president and his campaign then YES, if not then watch it because of the lovely stars in it. It was made for an intended audience, like a niche project. Take this review with a grain of salt, this is just me and perhaps not the entire audience that evening. Some clapped after the end scenes and had a pretty good time seeing the film. If you want to see it for the cause they want to also push, then this is for you. It's still out on theaters nationwide! Watch it before MMFF starts.

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ESPN5 Launches SPORTSCENTER Philippines

Friday, December 15, 2017

Looks like they're going for greatness as ESPN5 launches a new program fitting in the daily happenings in sports across the country and the rest of the world. You've seen the teasers on TV, and yes they're really doing it as SportsCenter finally launches in the Philippines this December 17. No, this is not a drill. 

What's gonna happen? Well, for starters they're going to get YOU updated EVERYDAY for 30 minutes, done by the great people from ESPN5 live, unadulterated and fast sports news broadcasted from their studios in Manila. What's in it? The latest sports happenings from leagues across the country and around the world so fans from the PBA, NBA, WNBA, American Football, local and international volleyball fans would get their fix when they want it, where they want it on the boobtube. This will also include daily contributors from the SportsCenter US broadcasts, so you are NEVER gonna be shortchanged when it comes to sports news, NOT gonna happen. Aside from that, the best sportscasters from the industry like Aaron Atayde, Lia Cruz, Magoo Marjon and Amanda Fernandez will deliver it like pizza, fresh, hot and fast! Because you deserve the best that this synnergy brought about by the partnership of broadcasting giants TV5 and ESPN, because you deserve it.

These young and hungry sportscasters will bring their expertise in commentary, especially in PBA, NBA, FIBA (where we should expect our country's GILAS will do good!), and a whole lot more. TV5 head honcho and President Vincent "Chot" Reyes says "We are more than excited to bring you the iconic and leading sports brand in the world to Philippine shores and I believe this will define sports programming on television. We are so honored to bring SportsCenter in the Philippines, it's a milestone and we can't wait for you to see it!"

Now remember, it'll be just 30 minutes of updates each day. That's the amount of time you get your pizza through delivery, it'll make you a genious in conversation with your bros, compadre's and just about anyone in the world because you will stay current, informed, because again it's what SportsCenter could do. Easy.

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Andrea Torres and Lharby Policarpio for MEANT TO BEH

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Fun to see Ms. Andrea Torres and Lharby Policarpio this afternoon at the CAVE in Tomas Morato. We were there to interview them for their film MEANT TO BEH which is the comback movie of Vic Sotto while he's paired with the timeless Ms. Dawn Zulueta.

Andrea Torres says "I am not a bad person here, not negative at all but I will wreak havoc with their relationship. I have been part of MMFF previously, like 10 years ago. I feel this is a blessing to end the year and I am excited. I was a bit stiff in the beginning, thinking of what to say or do Bossing Vic was already breaking the ice. How I wish we could get to do the bonding we did in Baguio, I miss them a lot. I have done comedy before since I am part of Bubble Gang, but of course I was still star struck because they are who they are. Ms. Dawn was so funny too and you can't compare it with what she portrays in real life. I am so glad about their feedback because that's what I wanted to do. I am also shocked at how they treat you like friends. Baste is like a baby brother, such a good kid to actually be with because he always never forget to share food when he's about to eat, he's certainly going to be adored by a lot of people. I am also going to gift myself with an out of the country trip, I think I owe it to myself to be with my folks and my brother. I am really looking forward to another MMFF eventful week. This is a G movie, you will expect the whole family to be there and I am excited to see them watch the film. You'll see this to be blessed in the box office, I wish he could win the best actor trophy. Just to be part of the project was a dream for me, but if ever I win the best supporting actress category would make me really happy. About the Bench Fashion Show, you just would never forget a moment like that. Their feedback was all good and if you were in the back stage, you wouldn't see anything like that because everyone was so nice and they were giving me food left and right, it was just like a celebration for Bench's 30 years."

Lharby Policarpio was also with us that afternoon and he says "I play Brad here and is a school bully. We have our own story inside the actual film. This is my first time to do an MMFF entry do getting to work with them was a dream for me. Though I was a college bully, it was more concentrated with JC and I did mistreat them a lot. The set is happy because from the director to the stars, they were all cracking jokes. Sue is remarkable, she's like one of the boys. She jokes a lot even if we are changing clothes, she's so chill and she doesn't make you feel that she's a big star. I also can't wait to travel because I do that quite often, for Christmas I wish that I would have time for that. This film is relateable and fun, like what any Vic Sotto project you have seen in the past but with more heart, more inspiration. We are sure this will earn a lot, but the awards will just be a reward for us. We hope you watch the film if you want to get inspired, a little touch of romance and learn about real family relationships."

MEANT TO BEH will be shown on December 25 and will also star Gabbi Garcia, Ruru Madrid, Sue Ramirez, Daniel Matsunaga and supee cute Baste. Bring your family and friends please!

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Haunted Forest for MMFF 2017

Mother Lily is more than ecstatic for being able to actually have an entry in this year's Metro Manila Film Festival. Regal Films has been a regular presenting iconic Shake Rattle and Roll series for years, quite all memorable and craftfully prepared for kids during Christmas season, and they haven't been able to do so last year... so they're raring for a comeback. This is also Direk Ian's first time do a full film with Regal films, which he deem is both an honor and responsibility because Regal has always come out with really good horror flicks, but he also wants to put his mark into it.

The script is written by Jeps Gallon and will tackle the lives of Aris and Nica, a policeman and his daughter. Their world will be changed when they go into a Haunted Forest, and perhaps get an elemental to posess Jane, playung on their awkward relationship, their family, some love and even small things that may have an effect on it. Jeffs says "We worked so hard to make the script appeal to the masses, it's what this film was made for. I know the standards of Regal is high especially in horror films, so we really tried to surpass or even be at par with the other films they made. The sitsit was done by the creative team, it's creature based so we needed to add more things to the usual horror flick. You will see that on the 25th. It's loosely like the mythical creature from Samar, but really not based on Philippine folklore. There is a huge difference, this one is born out of pure evil. We added and had some revisions in the story, we have it also appear like a dark being, but we don't want to spoil things. We wanted the actors to feel it is real so they can project it too like they are scared. People may be sayig this has similarities to other films but with 300 years of film, there may be similarities in any film, but for us it wasn't intentional."

Jameson says "This is my second film, but this is very tiring to make as it is very challenging. It's very physical, we didn't see any ghosts but we certainly feared something while on set. I don't believe that much in these things because I grew up in Hong Kong, but my Mom told me about it when I was a kid."

Jane says "This isn't my first but I enjoy doing horror films so I am really happy doing this with them. You just have to be a cowboy because it's really a forest, very dirty, but you shouldn't mind because you're making a really scary movie and you need those elements. I guess we offered something so we wouldn't be having any problems with the locations, we know we are just temporarily using it so we do it just to be sure. If I get lost in the forest, I will try to make temporary shelter, not just depend on my phone."

Jon added "This is one happy set, I only wore flipflops during the whole shoot and I needed to wear that until the end scenes. I miss my tsinelas because I lost it after the scenes we did in Tanay and Bulacan. I always think about things like the superstitious belief we used to hear about my parents. I will have to walk miles, and pray that I would be safe if ever. I don't want any award, maybe Best Supporting actor (then he chuckles) or maybe star of the night who knows!"

Haunted Forest will be headlined also by actors Raymart Santiago, Joey Marquez, Jerald Napoles, Betong Sumaya, Myrtle Sarrosa, Miho Nishida, Beverly Salviejo, Fiona Yang, Betong Sumaya, Kelvin Miranda and other actors. Yes you will also see Jane Oineza, Jameson Blake, Mariz Racal and Jon Lucas on their first starring film, so make sure you'll be there! 

Line up on Christmas day and see it with your family. See also the other films on the film festival because they need all the fans to support them! The writer said if you don't watch it, the sitsit will come to your house instead! LOL

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STAR WARS Merch Now Available at SM Men's Accessories

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

If you are a fan of the franchise, a rebel or a supporter of the empire, there's no other great way to support your side but by looking the part. The coolest line of Star Wars merchandise to celebrate their 40th year is now available at all SM Accessories section at the SM Store. Imagine my surprise when I walked inside the department store yesterday and got the shock of my life by finding these pieces at affordable prices.

Mind you these are officially licensed merchandise which you won't probably see awfully lot outside the Philippines but you'll see them at your favorite SM Malls. The Lucas Film installment of The Last Jedi had us all at the edge of our seats, but we're not spoiling the Luke Skywalker story - they're already being shown in the Philippines beginning yesterday! I super love the caps that they have and also the ones that show Chewbacca on the print. There's also the white empire soldiers that they put in colorful graphics, easily identifiable even from afar... you'll be instantly the envy of your friends hands down!

The Chewie string bags, the Darth Vader utility and zipper type bags all look so cute, you just need to carry them around to look cute. Or tell your sons that hey, "I AM YOUR FATHER" *heavy breathing*

Aside from that, they've got differently designed key chains, coffee mugs, light lamps that are just OUT OF THIS WORLD AND GALAXY! Like far far away!

Even in the rainy days, suit up and still be Jedi fashion worthy with these Star Wars Umbrellas, and Kylo Ren Movie posters too that are exclusively available in SM Accessories. Now men, rejoice as these are all available in the sections of The SM Store today. Saw this being sold at SM Cubao yesterday and it's bound to be part of my outfit when the next movie premier comes on the next movie. Of course it has to happen! Go rush to SM Men's Accessories today because it's only going to be limited! Fast fashion happens!

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SLAPSHOCK Celebrates 20th with ATAKE

Still rocking the stage all these years, SLAPSHOCK my favorite local rock band is still filling up stages here and abroad. It's been 20 years, don't count that if you don't want to feel old, because these guys still look as young as they've started and I'm not even surprised.

Doing what you love and seeing people enjoy your music must have been one of the reasons why. 

Jamir says "20 years is hard but pretty good at the same time, we grew up touring. All the supporters, our armies and sponsors, we want to thank them all. It's a different album, we went heavier, we still listen to everything to pop, rock or hiphop, we keep growing, we are still hungry. ATAKE is just that. 20 years but we're not slowing down, music is faster, like attacking more. ATAKE took us more than a year to complete and write this album, although it's easy to record, writing tagalog songs was so hard. Now we have a more positive song, this just comes natural on our own time. The demand of our dark army is just strong and this is massive. We talked about all the takes, this is mosh pit stuff, we always want to bring out the fresh things to the album. You hear us, but you have to see us, we are a live band and it's a part of the process that we have to go through. We want to do it live, not acoustic, because we want to do it heavy right now. We also did something for Red Horse, unshocked which will come out soon. Fame is never there, we always have something to do, we feel like we are always the underdog. We don't have fans but we have friends supporting us. We are a loud band but we're very quiet off stage and tamed. We meet our fans, even with disabilities, they get inspired through our music, we get inspired by them. It takes out the armor of being a rockstar, we are normal and we are on the same playing field. We would always bring a little bit of a slapshock song, our comfort is ourselves and maybe if we get challenged. I need to sleep a lot, I work out, I don't smoke but I have a lot of red horse. We now have to be responsible and be careful on what we do because we have kids listening to us, being a good example is do that day in day out because we influence people. That requires a lot."

He adds "I guess it's not a single person thing when we do this, we perform always as Slapshock. Thank you for all the fans for following and believing in us, we are goong to do some crazy a$s shows and it's an awesome feeling to have you around."

When asked about why their sponsors continue to believe in them, lead guitarist Lean Ansing says "We keep things dynamic, we keep it always new so we have something to offer. We don't over publicize so we keep a certain mystery still. That's out secret."

Their album is out already on online stores, please follow and like their Facebook page because it contains their tour dates and schedules. Yes, they are touring locally now, so you better catch them!

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LOCALLY Spotted at the ASEAN

I've seen this in the BGC Locally Fruit Truck launch but I didn't know it would appear during the recent Manila hosting of the 50th ASEAN Summit. They gave this away for free so all delegates from all member nations, even China, Korea, Japan and the US would get a taste of local indigenous fruit juices made by world class company NutriAsia. They are the same people who make the well love ketchup and condiment brand UFC and a lot more. They also manufacture the new Merci Buco available in Buco Lychee and Buco Padan, some local flavors we already love, now being tasted by other nationalities so they too would get a taste of the country. Isn't that neat? Hahaha! 

They surely had lots of fun, even if it was doubly hard for NutriAsia to execute this, they knew it was for a good cause and a chance to get to know our country. Imagine the stringent security screenigs they had to go through just to put up their booths and kiosks there.

If you didn't know, these are already available in Puregold, Robinsons, Rustans, Waltermart and other leading supermarkets nationwide. It's also affordable too, better than other juices out there in the market because you know YOU LOVE anything local. LOCALLY is the closest thing you want to have from the provinces. 

So what are you waiting for? Go check them out today if you're going out on a trip, or if you simply want to have great thirst quenching juice while on the go. It's easy, lovely and fully local, you can't go wrong with that!

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The 360 Mini Wireless Intercom IP Camera

Sunday, December 10, 2017

I've been so worried about home whenever I'm out on events because even though there are people inside the house, I forget a lot of things and get worried if there are uninvited guests sometimes. I'm just like you, we want to see the things inside our house just to feel more secured because let's face it, the Philippines isn't as safe as it was before. These days, security cameras are actually required for businesses in my city but for SOHO (small office/home offices) an IP camera would be sufficient.

Now I've got to tell you, I'm not new to this because I've been a router and device technician for a multinational tech company a couple years back. I install cameras like these for a living so in a way, I know my way around it. IP Cameras in the past have a web based interface and you would need to specify the IP address and the port you assign on the device, you then have to manually encode that on your router's firewall so it could allow the connection to go through. Aside from that, you need to go to the setup page of the IP camera and connect it to the network as a separate device, much like connecting a separate laptop computer. This time with the 360 Mini Wireless Intercom IP Camera, you won't have to really do that anymore because you just need to follow the steps indicated inside the app.

After opening the box, it's time to install the app. I am on iOS so you just have to look for the 360 Smart Camera App on the App Store or use a QR code scanner if you have one on your phone. What I like about it is that it's a pretty small app to install.

After installing on your phone, you have to register and use your phone number. Then select a password for it.

In order to activate it, click on the SEND code button and wait for it on your phone. Input your code and finish the registration process, it should take you to the MyCameras list.

Click on the + sign on the top right hand corner of the app and it should ask you for your wifi password. 

It will get your connection tested, a few minutes would do.

Click on Connect to my Camera (if you are installing one) if you want a family member to connect to your camera, they would need to click the other one and use the QR Code you'll send them later.

It's pretty elementary, you just have to follow the prompts of the Green Light is Blinking. If it's not, just turn the device off and turn it back on.

It would ask you to name your camera, just keep it simple, you don't want to confuse people who want to connect to it too.

If you get this prompt, then you have successfuly connected the 360 Wireless IP Camera on your network. 

You may use your fingers to zoom in or out of the video. It's going to give you a 150 degree view of your home, I have covered some parts for security.

The camera can be viewed in different modes like Standard, HD and Ultra HD. I was impressed it only needed a few resources as far as bandwidth is concerned.

You will be prompted to update it if the current firmware of your device is not updated, so please do as it has some fixes.

You will get that 150 degree view if you choose to see it on the landscape mode, you can also set alerts if you want to only use it when someone moves, and you can also use an SD card if you want to record things. As far as video quality, it's pretty decent.

You can invite friends and family to view your camera by texting them, using a QT Code invite or through WeChat which is pretty common in China.

Turn this off if you don't want alerts to happen.

You may choose to view videos and past recordings here.

This only indicates 1 camera so far but I plan to purchase more so I could cover the whole house, we don't want to get in trouble do we!

There are also options to clear cache and  enable gesture passwords. If you want something like that.

I did a screenshot of my personal QR code and sent it to my siblings so they can view our home from anywhere in the world. What I like about this is that it's very inexpensive, easy to install, quite clear and you get to see the most precious people you need to see 24/7. Not to mention PEACE OF MIND... That to me is priceless!

This device is available in various online stores in the Philippines, so get them if you want to be able to take control of your house, call for help if the need arises. It should be this easy.

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