Don't Worry, SMART and SUN Cellular is Ready!

Saturday, December 06, 2014

Hey Sun and Smart subscribers! This is good news for you! They know you're a little worried about cellphone and Internet services this weekend because of Typhoon Hagupit/Ruby which is said to arrive for landfall this Saturday. This post is to let you know that you don't have to worry too much because they are ready in case there would be problems maintaining communication services when it strikes close to home this weekend. They have plans already in place to make sure they would be able to quickly respond should there be need to restore facilities if they get affected. The equipment and personnel are on standby in case areas like North and Southern Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao get beaten up by the Super Typhoon. You must make sure though to charge your batteries so you won't run out of juice when the time comes. Smart and Sun will also be putting up generator sets, batteries so your cell sites won't go off all of a sudden. They'll also be having free call and charging services in strategic locations nationwide. Rest assured, Smart and Sun will be at their best to respond to your needs when the time comes.


1.) Make sure to charge your batteries, your emergency equipment and your powerbanks. It might take around 3 days before the typhoon passes, so make sure we have enough juice to last that long.

2.) Conserve your batteries. Don't use data or calls unless you really need it. Text messages consume less power. That's a better alternative.

3.) Store important numbers on your phone, like hospitals, firefighters, your local barangay and NDCC. Include a hard copy in case you run out of batteries.

4.) If you can, get transistor radios. Know where the nearest evacuation areas are in your neighborhood so if your house gets in danger, you know where to go. 

5.) Keep dry. Not all gadgets don't work under water, wrap it up with cling wrap and make sure you have clean dry clothes as well.

6.) Pray. Nothing is impossible. We would all be safe if you pray hard :) 

Thanks to our friends from Smart and Sun for taking time to inform us of the state of communication structures. I feel safe and relieved now that my Smart line will work when I need it most. 


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