Skin Stories: The Journey with Marian Rivera and Maxi-Peel

Sunday, December 21, 2014

The BEFORE shot. Three ladies with three different stories.
(Photo from Maxipeel Facebook Page)

We all wish for that soft, clean, clear, gentle skin. With the harsh elements plus Manila's polluted air, we don't even ask why we end up feeling dirty every time we go out in the sun. Three ladies, three different skin stories were revealed in Maxi Peel's social network channels. These are three young women in the prime of their youth, yet they can't get their full potential because they've got skin problems. These three girls Belle, Crystal and Shane would have loved to live a normal life away from ridicule, feeling degraded, lack of confidence because of the way they look. They have different skin stories, and no less than prime time queen Marian Rivera will help them together with Maxi-Peel. We went to the GMA Studios for their reveal because we wanted to follow their stories. We even got to see Marian Rivera during rehearsals sans make up. She was absolutely stunning.

Marian Rivera during rehearsals for her show "Marian". No makeup, yet she looks stunning!
Belle is getting married soon!
Meet Belle, a bride to be. She's planning to get married next year. She's excited to marry the man of her dreams - but her confidence level right now is at an all-time low. Why? It's because of breakouts due to oily skin. When she first met her fiancé, it wasn't as many but with the stress of preparation, right in the middle of their relationship, it just became worse. Now, she's one if the lucky girls that Marian surprised. Like the rest of the girls, Marian asked them to go through a strict skin regimen for 30 days.

Meet Crystal, she's in a quest to find her first job!
The next one is Crystal. She's a graduating student and taking up B.S. Tourism. When she was younger she always had good skin. With the stress of school, project deadlines, hormones and the quest to find a new job, the last thing she wanted was increased pimple proliferation and acne. Marian Rivera felt she had to help her, so she let her try that 30 day skin regimen too and see if her skin improves. 

Shane works in the graveyard shift, stress and lack of sleep don't mix. We know how that feels.
Another lady named Shane works for the BPO industry. She wishes to be a Manager soon. Having worked there myself, I know the pressures that come with the workplace. Weird sleeping patterns, tight deadlines and the hunger of getting promoted in the corporate ladder seemed like a regular thing. Sometimes, your work isn't enough and you need to have presence, consistency, the confidence and effort to look good so your people would see you differently, with respect, which is a must in the work place. If she didn't look the part, people won't even look at her or consider her to be someone who could lead teams. That made her very depressed. Of course, there's Marian to the rescue and she will also have Shane undergo the same rituals as the other girls. Marian gave them the ultimate surprise, she got Belle, Crystal and Shane guest on her dance show "Marian" for the big reveal! This happened last Saturday.

The three ladies at the back stage of dance show "Marian"

First time in GMA studios, came over not as an audience member but as stars of the show. Belle, Crystal and Shane are now in Marian Rivera's dance show called "Marian" to talk about their journey.
They were surprised to see Christian Bautista was there to serenade and escort them to the front of the stage.
She wasn't nervous and talked about her experience when she was struggling to go to special occasions.
Now she's got improved skin, cleared in some areas and lost those little pimples on her face.
Belle, Crystal and Shane sat down with Marian and talked about their journey. Shane says "I always cried because I couldn't even go to my own birthday celebration. I was so ashamed because of my breakouts. Now that I've got renewed skin, I can now go to my own wedding with confidence. Thank you Marian for your advice, we got encouraged to view life with new hope. Just like my skin, there is hope. My husband and I are excited for my wedding day and finally Maxi-Peel has gotten me back on track".

We saw her struggles before, but now she's confident to walk out in the world to see what job would fit her.

Christian Bautista even had a moment with her during the show.

Crystal says "After college, I suffered so much and after following the regimen, it brought confidence and I'm so ready to apply for work. My skin has lightened and I can see the difference. I believe with continued use, my problems will all soon go away." She can now take the time to go to interviews without thinking that they're just looking at her pimples and confidently look at their faces when they are talking to her. Marian feels there's a perfect job waiting for Crystal out there and since her skin is already taken cared by Maxi-Peel, she doesn't have to worry about it anymore. 

Christian Bautista escorts Shane on the stage presenting her improved version of herself.
I've seen some small scars on Shane probably from years of having acne, but I've also seen it has greatly improved already. A few months more and I'm sure her skin will be back to it's normal, clear state. Thanks to the good people from Maxi-Peel who started her journey.  

"My work hours are so weird and I have to do this with you (pointing to Marian) as inspiration. Now I'm confident at work. They see me, they listen to me. Even if I was just in an elevator with them, they complement me generously. I even had lots of friend requests after this journey and I hope to have a new boyfriend soon!" says Shane, the BPO (hopeful) Manager to be.

Three ladies being serenaded by Christian Bautista.
They thought that was the end of the interview, but Marian Rivera (soon to be Dantes) actually had another surprise!
Marian says "That's not just the end of it, we're going to have another surprise." Then they played the VTR. Crystal's Mom suddenly appeared on the screen. Her Mom said thanks for her sacrifices and also said that no matter how things go with her career, they assured that they will support her 100%. Shane on the other hand had her boss on on the monitor. She's happy for the better version of Shane. She also tells us how Shane is seen as a different person in the office, more worthy as a leader. The husband of Belle also appeared on the video and says no matter what, she's always beautiful in her husband's eyes inside and out - he promised to be there on their wedding day, isn't he sweet? Then we saw Marian cry a bit because of how sweet his message was for Belle. He must have been as sweet as Dingdong Dantes in that bit.  

Marian sat down at the end of the number and adds "Whatever their problems are, we can see there is always a solution. When I asked them off cam, I got the right responses from them because they told me that this experience has changed them for the better. It's the reason why genuinely still trust, and still use Maxi-Peel til now. You are doing this for yourself, and if you love yourself, it will show. Girls who have problems with their skin, there is hope, there is still a way to be beautiful inside and out!"

You can watch the full show here!

Thanks Maxi-Peel and GMA for inviting us live on their set. I'm sure these ladies are just starting their journeys but it definitely looks brighter already. You have definitely personified "Bagong Ganda, Bagong Pagasa" (New Beauty, New Hope) tagline with these ladies and I fervently wish to see more Filipinos find their own journey - with you by their side. The journey continues, so make sure you follow them on their social media channels below and see how their stories unfold in the coming months. Congratulations girls!


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