Mikoy Morales - GMA Artists Visit City of Malabon University (Part 2)

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Mikoy Morales blows the candle on his cake! Tess Bomb blowing it too!
Then came Singer, Song Writer, Actor and Lover Boy Mikoy Morales. He immediately picked up the guitar and started serenading the girls on stage which effectively made them go gaga on the good looking lad. Mikoy stars on hit show "More Than Words" together with Elmo Magalona, Janine Gutierrez and a bunch of other actors. Ratings tell they've donned a very successful series and he's also still doing a good job at "Walang Tulugan" (No Sleep) show in the wee hours of the morning and if I may say, he's one of the few young male singers that can give the established ones a run for their money. He's also a good guy, I could only say he's ripe for the picking and I hope he gets to have more projects which can showcase his talents more soon. I can imagine him working on a musical and do a good job at it, something that's not seen on TV, something original just like him.

When we sat down for a short interview he says "I might be able to cater to a niche market but I'm still looking for one, to sell that kind of music. My plan is to release an album with my songs but it'll be sung by different artists. That's what I hope to happen so I could start this. I want to find my sweet spot. I think I'm still in that phase of looking for something that would be good for the greater number of people, and what would be nice for me. It's hard to gauge. More Than Words' success did a lot for me as an actor, it's a craft that I'm really serious with. I'm working on both things but I would want to concentrate to do one thing at a time. Singing or acting, I only can do so much. We're the top show in our time slot and I've been with Janine and Elmo for two shows now. You can see the development here in MTW, it's not all the time you're going to have fun if this was drama. Since this is a light show, it's a different feeling. I still am in school, I keep it a point not to stop, though I am currently underload I can still manage to do this. School and business is okay, it's a priority. People ask me what I wish for, but I think I just want a fruitful productive year, but of course it's all up to me." he also asks people to watch "More Than Words" on GMA's prime time slot.


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