Tito Chef Express Introduces New Travelers Menu

Friday, December 05, 2014

Chef Menoy Gimenez of famous "Tito Chef Restaurant and All Things Culinary" based in the south just opened Tito Chef Express at the ground floor of Microtel by Wyndham Acropolis just right across Eastwood City. Now, you don't have to go far in order to get to taste what he has in the nigh side.

I've been able to take a look at Microtel's properties in Manila Bay and Davao, I must say, even at the time I got to know some of their executives back then, I marveled at how humble they presented their property and the restaurants available in those branches. Microtel by Wyndham Acropolis only felt special as it is located in the suburbs of Quezon City - but it can also service those who have business in Pasig, Mandaluyong and Makati. Travelers tend to only spend a few days in the hotel - and since this is not that expensive to stay here, people mostly want something filling, something delicious, something that they can carry around easily and very light on the budget. This is the reason why Tito Chef Express and Chef Menoy Gimenez wanted to design a menu on based on these needs. We tried them over lunch - and having been to a lot of 5 star hotels, their offerings provide quality yet at par meals but priced reasonably.

Salmon Miso Ramen
The Salmon Miso Ramen is made of seared fish, probably dredged in Indian based spices like cardamom and the likes, ramen that's hand made and prepared inside the store then topped with mushrooms, spring beans, nori wrapper (seaweed) and miso based broth. It's perfect for cold weather and can probably feed 2-3 persons depending on their appetite. I would suggest you ask for something to make this hot (pepper or chili) so you can perspire a little and have that spicy kick.

The American Burger
Gentlemen, meet "The American Burger". A quarter pound of pure beef patty topped with onions, tomato, pickles and hot melted sharp monterey jack cheese. To keep it healthy in some way, they put in potato alumettes and their side salad with balsamic dressing. It's beefy, it's filling and tasted so good in the middle. I might have reservations about the bread and prefer something more textured or super soft with oats so it would have a sweet profile. Their sesame seed bun felt a little plain. 

Crispy Squid and Watermelon Salad
 This Crispy Squid and Watermelon Salad might be simple but it's totally good. It's a good thing for lunch or for those watching their weight because it's very good having sharp, tang and sweet profiles because of the fruit and the balsamic dressing. Plus, who doesn't love crispy squid?

Fish in Basil Cream Sauce
 Fish in Basil Cream Sauce is crispy fried Dory fish with a light cream sauce with chopped fresh basil leaves that's very light. For those who prefer a light lunch, this would be a good alternative. It's lightly seasoned and won't be too salty if you're watching sodium intake.

Pork Binagoongan
  This is Tito Chef Express' Pork Binagoongan. If you want something fishy, not too salty and have that pork goodness you love, then this would be perfect for you. The rice is also something to commend because it's perfect to pair with any viand on their menu. You can also opt for plain rice, but just tell them beforehand. They have a cucumber concoction too on the drink list which is very refreshing, order that as well.

Barbecued Chicken Jambalaya
This one is my personal favorite on their menu. The Barbecued Chicken Jambalaya is a pretty tasty dish with intense flavors both coming from the chicken meat which is sweet and savory plus the Jambalaya rice which dawns a more herby, chorizo, smoky flavor. I finished this in a few minutes and it's not that expensive even if it looks like a designer plate that you are getting. You might think it is too oily but that's where the coleslaw looking thing on top goes. I love this!

Spanish Chorizo and Mushroom Penne
This hearty plate is the Spanish Chorizo and Mushroom Penne. It is good too, don't get me wrong, but the Spanish Chorizo chunks is a little too big, making every bite of it a bit too salty. I would have loved to have that sliced a bit smaller (small diced pieces) so you get to have the flavor without making it too salty. It's totally worth it though because the price point is one of the cheapest in the menu. They don't hold back on ingredients which is a good thing.

Smothered Pork Chop on Mashed Potatoes and Mushroom Gravy
The pretty plating of this Smothered Pork Chop on Mashed Potatoes was not just for show. I loved the hefty slices of pork lying on the lovely buttery mashed potatoes served with it. It's soft and they make a pretty good mushroom gravy to complement the Pork Chops and not having it too salty. The dish was hearty, you'll love to have this on a rainy day because it's comfort food that would not break the bank.

Caramel Cheesecake
If there's something that you shouldn't leave with in Tito Chef Express, it would be this Caramel Cheesecake. The sweet part would only be the caramel and the cheesecake seemed to be light and you would be able to eat this with ease because of that. I wouldn't be surprised if ladies would eat a whole cake slice because it's that good. I suggest you take some home for your family and friends, they'll surely love it too.

Eastwood City might be a little saturated with restaurants already and having this place on the other side of the road would present a more classy, yet same priced hearty food choices. If you're out on a date, or have small meetings, or if your team building budget could only allow you to have intimate dinners, you should definitely try out Tito Chef Express. Their Travelers Menu would change from time to time but you get the picture. They can also whip up things not found on the menu just as long as the ingredients are there on their kitchen. So if you are missing something from the Tito Chef Restaurant and All Things Culinary spot in Paranaque, this would definitely be the spot to be in QC. Good comfort food, good location, good ambiance at one of Quezon City's busiest spots, Tito Chef Express could likely be your go to spot if you need something new in the area. Take time to try it!


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