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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Kim Chiu during the Cherry Mobile Dealers Night

I love Kimmy! On the Cherry Mobile event a few days ago, I thought she was just being regularly introduced - as if she was just going on the stage to thank the executives of the company. People were telling me over Instagram that she would be wearing something red (possibly a gown from a local designer of sorts) but I didn't know she was going out of the shadows clad in a sexy corset and tight faux leather pants singing and dancing a number like this. The last time we met was when she was being launched as one of the new endorsers of the Windows OS based phones, tablets and phablets of this brand. Her fans absolutely loved her new commercial and of course, she's a very effective endorser. I, like a lot of people I know felt really sad at that small brouhaha about her winning the Best Actress award. I just wish people who said bad things about her should watch that show when she accepted the trophy, because you'll know how genuine she was, she was very happy about it. Let's give credit where credit is due because she did work hard on the show, much like when she performed during this evening. She didn't shortchange the crowd as you can see!

The Alpha Series from Cherry Mobile has been really successful. It's affordable, it's on Windows, and would be also perfect for gifts this Christmas. You can also opt to have it as your own phone since it's the best of its class in this prive range. If you are also transitioning from other OS it's got one of the easiest interface to understand, even easier than Android. If you are also used to Desktop computers, it's all the same with Windows 8.

By the way, I didn't want to just post Kimmy's photos today, I have her video here so watch how she wowed the audience during the Cherry Mobile Dealer's Night. Enjoy!


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