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Monday, December 29, 2014

On the other side of the road across Homies Pinoy Fried Chicken is this haven for macho burger lovers called Big B Burger Restaurant. Not to be confused with the other more commercial brand that has the same initials, this quaint place in 44B Magiting Street Teacher's Village, Quezon City presents a more rustic, monochromatic full restaurant that can serve up to 40-50 people in one go. 

Don't be afraid to go in. Don't think that the front of house is the actual space because they got the newly renovated space in the back that can get you and your friends seated comfortably.

The front serves as a kitchen so you can order your burgers ahead before you go inside and grab a seat.

They got it all in black and white. They also got very playful with the interior using simple chicken wire and light bulbs as lighting. We even saw some students bringing in their boyfriends and girlfriends for a treat.

It didn't feel hot inside and you can smell the burgers being made in the grill. I was prepared to taste something unusual because of the things that I saw on the menu while going inside the restaurant. It's conducive to groups but not too high end because this is mainly a student "friendly" area. Big B Burgers started out as a small entrepreneurial venture of friends Joelle Luviengco, Eric Galvis and Pibo Pagadion. Their dream was to put up enough money to send them all to Cebu so they could attend festivities at Sinulog. They used to sell customized burgers to friends, school mates, organizations and fairs inside the University of the Philippines. When they graduated, they built the first restaurant out from scratch and now extended the space with monochrome details because they wanted to emphasize on the colors of the food. They actually have a plan to expand to more stores soon but are now concentrating on getting more people to experience it first in the Maginhawa area. To be honest, I envy them because they are so young to have this promising business in their hands. They're doing something that they're passionate about and earning at the same time. Which leads us to their well researched and whimsical menu, here we go!

Meet Big B's BallsBalls. It's a bowl full of Tater tots and meatballs smothered in melted cheese nested on a medium sized metal bowl. Isn't that lovely? Isn't this a sight for sore eyes? I know. If you love comfort food, they have every reason for you to visit the place and curl up with some Pink Potions (Peach Flavored Soda?) to go with it. Though I must tell you a big secret, there's a bit of a performance that goes along with that if you order it with "feelings". That's something that I won't tell you so you have a great reason to visit them at the corner of Magiting Street. 

The Secret "Feelings" ingredient will be added by these guys, you should catch them while you're at Big B's

Poutine Ng Ina
Playing with puns they made this with the French Canadian Quebec based Poutine as inspiration. The original one has Fries topped with a gravy sauce and cheese curds but this local one which they call "Poutine Ng Ina" pays homage to Mom's cooking and a little less of the cheese. Although most customers don't blurt it out and usually order it by pointing on the menu, it genuinely sparked interest with a lot of people who might want to experience it like the real thing. I've had it in hotels before (the real Poutine) but I find their version is really good. I would recommend this more than any other starter on their menu but they really have a few, so there's a good excuse to try them all! I loved this to say the least and if I'm going back there, I'll order this for sure!

Bongga Burger

We first tasted this burger called Bongga! Yes, the Bongga Burger. It's patty is made from 50% Beef and 50% Longganisa meat. It's sweet and savory and would be so ideal for kids who want that sweet touch on their burger. As for the dressing, they've got special concoction that is mayo based, with pickle relish and a multitude of secret ingredients. They told us people might be able to copy their patty and if they didn't innovate in that area too much, they might find other brands pirating their formula. So to make things different, they've got the dressing guns inside the store which they use so profusely, so liberating on your own burger. They let you determine the amount of dressing you want in your own burger and I haven't seen that anywhere else in Manila.

This one's called BAM. The BAM burger consists of 50% Bee and 50% Spam Patties. If you love SPAM and the lovely Hawaiian favorite in the can, then this one's for you! Among the burgers, this was well received by the bloggers. I found the one I ate a little on the salty side but they all said it was just right. This one was even their favorite too so if you want something everyone does, this might be your best bet. It's ingenious in fact to think of these combinations. As for me, I chose this last burger as my personal favorite.

This is Big B, just like me, it is the sinful one. It's made of 50% Beef and 50% Bacon, it's patties are made of legends. I love the beefy and smoky mix so after one bite of this and the fabulous dressing that they have inside the store, I closed my eyes and said hallelujah! These young guys and gal had been doing their homework. What's even better is that they can do these burgers for Quarter, Half or One Pound varieties. I would love 2 pounds of this meat next time haha! But really, it's something that could rival the best in the business. The bun is also sweet which makes it appealing to all ages, none of those dried ones that go tougher to chew. The "Poutine Ng Ina' also is available in bigger servings so if you're up to MORE, don't be shy to say so.

This is one of the nicest burger joints to go to this year. I would gladly go back for the BIG B and the Poutine Ng Ina Mo when I have the chance to visit the Maginhawa area again next month. You should too. Thank you so much to Joelle Luviengco, Eric Galvis and Pibo Pagadion for letting us get to know BIG B in an even BIGGER way. Thank you also to Food Panda for organizing this. Til the next restaurant! By the way, please download the Food Panda app on App Store or Google Play. There's so much restaurants in your area that you can conveniently order from through the app or directly via Try it out for a change and see how it could change the way you look at food delivery again!


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