Vin Abrenica and Sophie Albert for Wattpad Presents: Marry You

Friday, May 01, 2015

These two just makes our day brighter, sunnier and hopeful that there's still forever. Vin Abrenica and Sophie Albert is doing another episode this week which talks about the only thing women dream of, as Wattpad Presents: Marry You. It's been read 9 Million times in the app so just imagine how nice the twists and turns in this story.

Arranged marriage, does it still even exist today? Sophie here is a bit on the wild side, a bit evil, a bit eccentric and poised to change this fate. Even if their families agreed already, she's out to break this marriage thing, but what if she falls in love with him genuinely?

Sophie says "It feels like home. When you've worked with people already and you know how comfortable you can be with them, you just feel so easy doing it. The advantage is we can ask each other, we support each other if we throw lines. Vin memorizes fast, and I don't. It becomes natural when I'm with him. I want him to look the best, I almost do everything, styling, scenes, I love it though. We're total opposites but I learned with him that with the differences, we learn more. I learned his strengths, and it also is the same with him. Love is trust, but sometimes we compromise. It works that way, even if he thinks sometimes I'm joking, we just need talk about it. I know he's got a lot of dreams, I want to get married when we all fulfill our own dreams one day. He's very husband material, we talk about it actually. We're full of dreams. We will cherish the moment."

Mark Roque "I'm a ramp model, do print and the rest. I stopped because I had to work. Sir Noel Ferrer pushed me to go back to showbiz. I'm a year older than Dom, but doing this comeback wasn't really talked about at home. I'm not a third party here, I even support them. You just have to watch the show to see how I fare. I want to learn, I don't know my boundaries but we'll see."

Vin adds "I don't know if people do get kilig, but my Mom watches my shows and she says effective. It's a good thing we get paired with other stars but since we've been out of the shows together, the fans miss this. We're not a perfect couple, we fight once in a while but it happens when we haven't really eaten yet, so does Sophie. Whenever we need to do sweet things, we just do it because that's where professionalism comes in. When we don't get the scene right, we all criticize our work and we do it again, that's how we work! I've learned a lot here, especially in maturity. This was actually hard for me in the past but I'm okay now and I understand our work. I'm also happy with Mark Neumann because for me, he's my best friend and his accomplishments make me happy too."

We're so excited to see the SoVin pair back in Wattpad and even more that Mark Roque's in show business too. Wattpad Presents: Marry You will start this week at 9PM on TV5.

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