Watsons Celebrity Switch: Tessa Prieto Valdez

Sunday, May 03, 2015

It was a fun afternoon to be with celebrities again at SM AURA Premier. Worldiwde health and beauty retail brand Watsons had another round of their Celebrity Switch activities today at their store. Social butterfly Ms. Tessa Prieto Valdez suited up for the occasion and got her hands immersed on how it feels to be a Watson's lady. She began asking customers to come inside the store so they would be able to discover themselves what really good things inside that can be used by your kids, kins, folks and family.

Ms. Tessa says "You get value for your money. I'm so into this wellness stuff and they've got things that are very affordable. They have promos on top of promos and real ones that doesn't fool the customers. This is fun because there are customers that I don't know, and I get to talk to them, get to tell them things that I loved inside the store. I convinced them to allow me wear accessories on top of this comfortable uniform, I thank them for that as well. 

For me, I really shop here and I do save a lot in Watsons. This has been my 5th year with them and I shop here a lot, I'm happy with that. It's because I discover things that you don't know until you get here. They don't have lashes yet so that's what I'm suggesting soon. They have glues though and this is a one stop shop, health and beauty should be affordable and Watsons has got them all, you should not waste money. I save by shopping in bulk. I still like designer clothes, I splurge in that, also my hats and accessories. I don't do alcohol or drugs, I save in where I can but if I need to spend I do. I don't forget to give to charities too, that's important. I think my favorite now is Watsons Generics, they have simple things and new ones that I discovered today like the malunggay capsules. It's really great!"

I also got the chance to shop around with  the Clingers and picked some of my favorites, plus a couple of new ones too. 

I use this on a regular basis so I can take care of my skin after every shave. This is Gillette's Cool Blue.

Pond's Men has some skin cleaning products plus the re-energizing toners so you won't look or feel tired every time you face the camera, artista?! LOL

I haven't used this yet but I think the Dove Men deep clean product would be perfect for polluted Manila, students should know how to use this regularly.

I love Bench scents, they're dirt cheap and if you're not too fuzzy about perfumes, this is your quick fix. It's also nice that you can find it in Watsons outlets nationwide.

The new things I found earlier were these Sunplay Sunblocks, Face Potion that can protect you from the harmful rays of the sun. Don't forget the Watsons Nose Pore Strips too so you can keep the T zone clean all the time!

There are more things inside the Watsons Store that are still waiting to be discovered. Have you visited them lately? Who knows, it could be Christian Bautista, Patty Laurel, Iya Villania or Ms. Tessa on the counter next time! :) 


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