Taisho Ramen & Teppanyaki House Opens Newest Branch in SM Light Mall

Thursday, May 07, 2015

We're back once again in one of my favorite ramen places in the metro, this is Taisho Ramen and Teppanyaki House. They just set up shop at the new Light Mall in Mandaluyong City which sits right across the Boni MRT station along EDSA. I loved Taisho even when they only had one place at the SM Sky Garden because of their authentic Hakata regional recipes. I also learned they really were passed on to them by Japanese chefs, all authentic from that prefecture. 

The Interiors


The place can sit around 50 to 60 people. It's a little big than the other branch in SM Sky Garden, SM North Edsa. They had very good floor area and has maximized the space which they felt was better compared to their first store. Owners thought it was going to be a gamble but in the few days that they have opened, they are doing quite good, even more than what they expected. The clientele is a little different. Instead of just the usual mall goers, Taisho was frequented by people who live in nearby Light Residences of which some of them actually go breakfast, lunch and dinner. I'm not surprised though as I've figured that I still love Taisho Ramen & Teppanyaki House Karamen over other ramens that I've tasted elsewhere, and I've actually done a lot mind you.

Design wise, they've got this new open kitchen concept where you can see how they make the ramen bowls right in front of you. They also got this line of seats in the same place so if you're alone, you don't have to suffer not eating in peace with vacant seats and eat like how the Japanese actually do it. Remember, bone based Hakata broth is the name of the game and it shouldn't be an issue if you would want something comforting right? Location wise, it's also very convenient because if you're coming from the MRT station, there's an entrance which can take you to the second floor of Light Mall directly. You then just have to go down a floor and find Taisho right beside BDO which is also below Shakeys and the still in construction branch of Samsung experience stores. Trust me, I haven't tasted any ramen yet that could beat them in the bone broth department. 

The Food

There are some new things in the menu. Much to my surprise, they're going healthy these days and I super love some of the items because it looked like my Japanese favorites that has gone on a diet. Here are some of them!


This is their Kani Salad. Its got strips of Kani, mangoes, fresh lettuce, cherry tomatoes and smothered with mixed creamy Japanese mayo and wasabe as dressing. It's good, filling and would be something good for lunch for those who are watching their weight. It's a tad on the creamy side and only got a hint of the wasabe, I liked it a lot.


I love Cold Soba noodles, but I didn't know that they also have something similar in the Hakata region which uses ramen instead of noodles made of buckwheat flour/green tea. This is the Hiyashi Ramen. Aside from the served cold ramen, it's got slivers of cucumber, strips of cabbage, onion leeks, tamago and chashu. It is going to be dipped in Hiyashi Soup with sesame seeds on it. You may request for the intensity or hotness of your dip as well. Of course, I asked for deadly spicy levels like what I always want for my broth and they did oblige! It was super good, super fresh. I can even see health freaks liking this because it felt more of a salad while we were eating it. Definitely something I'd go back for when in the Boni area. I loved this really.


This is my personal favorite, and I'm sure every one else that goes to Taisho Ramen & Teppanyaki House too. You must have this while its hot. The Karamen Ramen had the best broth, plus the intense hotness you want in a bowl of ramen realized. The thick soup, they make it fresh and do not do shortcuts as they don't use any powders/MSG in any of the food items. They also use the best ingredients, have them delivered daily, just to get you the best things on a bowl. That's dedication to the craft right there! If you're a fan of bone based broth, you won't be disappointed with this creamy version and I must say I've never seen any other Japanese restaurant who has it. They do things differently, really good. I also love the pork slices, but really it's in the broth. Thank me later!


 See this last photo above? You've got Gohan (rice), Green Tea, my favorite Karamen Ramen, side salad (with super good Sesame dressing), Teriyaki Chicken (which tastes so good and served with corn slices, potato wedges, string beans, and more side salad), Gyoza. All of these are actually bundled up for the affordable price of Php 499.00. Unbelievable! Imagine, the price of the Karamen Ramen alone is already in that region, but you've got tons of things together with it. This is definitely a steal and they won't mind giving you an extra bowl as this can probably feed two people. If you don't eat big meals it's always good to share! They've got like 8 different combinations in a separate leafed menu which I suggest you check out when you visit their branch in Boni.


The Ebi Tempura looks also nice too. Jeman of Orange Magazine had this. I was a little not too keen having it since I'm a little allergic to seafood. My Mom loves this on their menu together with the tartar sauce if I'm not mistaken.


Hot outside? No worries, Taisho Ramen & Teppanyaki House has desserts! Aside from the best selling Vanilla and Green Tea ice cream, they've got Strawberry Kakegori and the Macha Kakegori. They say this actually is the origin of our own native Halo Halo and I could see the similarities. This one was executed quite simple, no fuzz, just flavored ice and a little beans, all good. They also have this in Grape and Peach, so feel free to ask if they have it available.

If you're around Mandaluyong, Makati or nearby communities, try Taisho Ramen & Teppanyaki House in SM Light Mall. They have mall parking and can be accessed directly from the MRT station. There's no reason NOT to enjoy ramen and other things from the Hakata region. Just give in to real good quality comfort food from this one of a kind ramen and teppanyaki place. They just opened this May but have been in the business for years. There's a reason why people go back, I can't force you to go there but please do try the ramen. See the reason why I love it!


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