Posh After Office Cocktails at The Gilarmi Lounge

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Cilantro Sour, one of the favorites during my visit that evening. Available at The Gilarmi Lounge.

I was late from the horrendous traffic from Edsa. I don't think I'll ever be even seeing that as a normal phenomenon going to Makati. Add to that the reasons of Friday payday and the tons of people going out of their offices when the clock strikes 5/6PM and it'll just spell carmaggedon all over again. People in Makati, make sure you take time to read this article and I'll tell you about a little known place where you can get your cocktail fix in a very intimate, less foot trafficked part of the district when you step into The Gilarmi Lounge. It's an opulent little nook at the Discovery Primea Makati that's got a really good bar whipping up well designed cocktails during these crazy hours. It's the perfect place to probably hang out, let that traffic pass before you can call it a day and go home. The place also has really good food courtesy of their Executive Chef Luis Chikiamco. The bar also has been taken over by guest Mixologist Lee Watson during a small gathering, as he's one of Manila's finest.

Jadine Wattpad Primea
Cherry Blossom Whiskey Sour

Jadine Wattpad Primea
Binondo Cua Pao
The Gilarmi Lounge has some really good food which you can take with your cocktails as Executive Chef Luis Chikiamco designed Filipino Chinese inspired offerings like this Binondo Cua Pao. I used to eat this as a kid when my dad brings some home after work. Think of asado slices of meat, hoisin sauce (?), slices of cucumbers and soft steamed white bun, taken like a small sandwich. Really good. They've got the pairing really taken cared of with the Cherry Blossom Whiskey Sour which is obviously scotch based. It's not dirty at all, but there's a contrast of tanginess because of the calamansi crushed and stirred in. I liked this, the Guyabano Tarragon Mojito.

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Guyabano Tarragon Mojito
One of my favorites also that evening is this Guyabano Tarragon Mojito. I like the sweet, sour and bitter mix. It's tequila based as I was informed, and it had me think that I had it before because of the amount of tequila... which I super love. Ladies, I bet you'll love this concoction too.

Jadine Wattpad Primea
Riviera Fizz

Jadine Wattpad Primea
Filipino Ceviche
Jadine Wattpad Primea
Tropical Gin Fizz

The Gilarmi Lounge never holds back in giving you the best cuisine. They also want you to have some of Manila's best cocktails so they added the Riviera Fizz, Tropical Gin Fizz and the Filipino Ceviche. This seemed to be something like a good pairing because you get the vinegar-lime cooked ceviche with a more fizzed drinks like the Riviera and Tropical Gin. It's also nice with the baked Oyster with Hollandaise Sauce and coco vinegar.

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Baked Oyster with Hollandaise Sauce and coco vinegar

Jadine Wattpad Primea
Sisig sa Riles

If you're not into seafood, then might I suggest a Filipino street food staple done better. This is Sisig sa Riles. This is Chef's take on the local favorite and I'm sure even tourists who stay in the hotel would love this!

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Tuna Brochettes
If you're a little health conscious, try these skewered Tuna Brochettes. I thought it was meat at first bite, I just learned later on that it was Tuna. This is my favorite among the small portions that was given to us that evening, and with good food comes another cocktail in the mix!

Jadine Wattpad Primea
Blue Caprinha
Jadine Wattpad Primea
Chicken Wings Inasal
This was the first thing I grabbed from the counter called Blue Caprinha. I thought it would have some floral taste with it but no. It was more just small notes and you can smell it when you take the glass to your nose. It has a Brazilan Cachaca base and the flower was just added on top to permeate later on when you have this drink. The Chicken Wings Inasal is a Visayan region dish that takes vinegar and spice marinated chicken to the grill, and into your plate with small chili flakes for a spicy kick.I loved it too.

Now it's your turn to experience The Gilarmi Lounge. They're inside the ground floor of Discovery Primea at 6749 Ayala Avenue in Makati City. Come and spend a few hours here before you drive home, take your friends along. They have specials. For Php 595, You can have  two servings of specialty draft beers plus a choice of some of these modern Filipino cuisine inspired dishes specially prepared by Chef Luis Chikiamco. Check out The Gilarmi Lounge Sunset offer here.


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