Samsung Launches SE790C 34″ WQHD Curved Monitor in the Philippines

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Okay, so Pacquiao lost that match with Floyd Mayweather. We got sad, really, really sad, but we sure had fun during the launch of Samsung's newest curved monitor the SE790C. They launched this during CES 2015 and Samsung just got us to experience it before we went inside the cinema for the MayPac fight. They have installed two games, one was for a race car driving simulator complete with an attached faux race car box using one monitor. This piece of beauty is 34 inches and holds a 21:9 ultra wide aspect ratio so you can see the whole stadium as if you're there.

Samsung executives described this as "Immersion" and adds "By providing angles you feel an immersion with your surroundings. You'll get a wider view and have reality served in front of your eyes. It's about the experience."

It's smaller than those curved TV screens, but of course, it's because this is a monitor and it's intended to be set in front of your face together with your tower/miniature PC. It was awesome to see the video become stretched like that, like it's real life, you can see things from an angle and that made everything like you're practically using 2 monitors without the borders in between. The video quality is also stunning.

Now imagine if you had this curved monitor doing a three monitor setup. You're going to get more space to see forms, artwork, graphic design, or even crazy games like these that give you stupendous views, like you're inside the cockpit without that much distortion. It's 3,440 x 1,440 pixels, so just imagine the amount of detail that you can still see in situations like these. The usual USB ports, HDMI ports are located at the back. Clean, simple, decent internal audio, all you need in a monitor today. There's also a 27 inch version of it, so you can choose. It retails around Php 44,000 for the 34 inch version. Please check out for more details.


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