Smart Infinity Unveils New Premium Postpaid Plans

Friday, May 22, 2015

Not all mobile phone networks actually give you the premium you deserve. If you actually spend a lot  on your phone and data bills but don't have anything in return, it would look foolish for you especially if know you deserve more. Smart Infinity knows this, so to match your kind of lifestyle they went out of their way to come out with better, bigger premium plans powered by the BIGGEST network in the country Smart Communications Inc. 

Ms. Julie Carceller head of Smart Infinity says “These new plans have no competition. These are the most bespoke services we’ve offered in the history of Smart Infinity. We've made these plans designed with one thing in mind, our subscribers, including their lifestyle, habits, needs and aspirations. When we thought our growing Infinity family can't get more special,  here comes new plans that not only mirror their lifestyle but also matches your needs in every facet of your connected and digital lifestyle.

Ms. Julie Carceller, Smart Infinity Executives with Smart Infinity Ambassadors during the launch (photo credits to Smart)

The first plan is for frequent travelers. If you're always out of the country for business or pleasure, this plan would get you travel assistance perks which is perfect for people on the go. There are tons of them included here. The second one is a consumable plan. For those who have varied needs everyday, this plan contain ultra flexible elements and quite high LTE data allowances so they can switch whenever they need, switching from service to service without any hassles. The third one is the Tri Net Plan, which caters to people who want to connect enormously on their network. This would entail free calls and text on Smart, Sun Cellular and Talk ‘N Text. This is because with Smart Infinity, they believe that limits are not for achievers.

Smart Infinity also has a Multi Plan, which means you can have multiple lines in  a single account. This also has a calling circle, so if you want to get connected with the people you call often like friends, family and business partners, you can have strengthened connectivity when you need it most. Aside from that, you'll have the usual things from Smart Infinity like VIP Customer Service, a dedicated Smart Infinity Officer (if you're on Plans 5000 and 8000) attending to your needs. You also have priority in Smart stores, plus additional VIP rewards and year round Smart Infinity subscriber privileges. You can only get that with Smart Infinity!

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